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8 Excellent Tips for Improving Your Low Quality Content Creation


Nowadays, content marketing has become the forefront for all businesses. No wonder that many businesses and SEO services are always looking for ways to create effective content that can stand out from others and bring you closer to your goals. However, in many times your content marketing seems like it doesn’t produce you a satisfying result. So, what should you do if you happen to come across low quality content on your site? Is it better to delete it or improve upon it? Well, according to Google’s John Mueller, in general, when it comes to low quality content, that’s something where we see your website is providing something but it’s not really that fantastic. Therefore, it will be better to improve it since it will save your time instead of creating a totally brand new content. In the information below, we provide you with 8 ways that can enhance your content creation which hopefully can increase your traffic and satisfy your readers. Here are the first eight of those tips.

Scheduling a Writing Process

Creating a structured writing process not only can help you save time, but it also makes you become more productive. Besides, people nowadays are thirsty with information, so the need for content creation is terribly high.  Therefore, you have to know the best process that can help you focus on content creation.

For example, putting aside all distractions, you can manage a set block of time on your calendar for content writing. Furthermore, you may need to take a break or get someone else read it for a fresh perspective.

Creative Brainstorming

Working with other team members will help you a lot in collecting a new content idea. Therefore, make sure that you set aside time for this brainstorming moments with other team members. Furthermore, you may realize that sometimes an idea seems to pop up in your mind every time, if this often happens to you, we recommend you keeping a notebook which you can use to jot down any ideas that comes to your mind. Whatever ideas that comes to your mind may offer you a new perspective on your content goals, so just write them down.

Grabbing the Reader’s Attention

We know that the competition to draw user’s attention in the digital world is quite challenging. The last study says that the attention span is limited to no more than 8 seconds, not to mention a huge number of content available online, so the best solution is to think about a formula that can make your site stands out from the rest. The important point is to keep your users reading, or watching, or listening to your content.

Exploring Different Types of Content

Mixing up your content marketing formats is a great way to convince users to pay more attention to your content marketing. You can see several content types below, in which each of them serves a different purpose.


Images are still the most popular type of a visual content, since nothing can offer a better impact on a message and they certainly create a memorable experience. Besides, it is easier for human to process an image, as 65% of people are visual learners, so you will increase a greater possibility for your content to be remembered when you put relevant images in it.


Infographics are graphic visual representations of information; the data and information are provided in such a way to present information quickly and clearly. This method can also make complex information look more appealing and shareable.  In fact, a research shows that readers tend to spend more time processing an infographic, compared with a written text, and that’s what makes them engaging. Besides, infographics are more shareable than other types of content and usually get liked three times more than any other visual content.


Over the last two years, video content is also considered as one of the most popular visual types of contents, a trend which has been boosted by social media. According to Cisco, videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic; this shows how video is getting more important. A video is a powerful tool, especially if you want to explain about, share tips and “how-to” ideas, build trust, increase management, and add value.


GIFs is a not a new type of content, in fact, it has been developed more than 30 years ago. However, many still believe that it is a quick way to share a visual content that straddles the line between an image and a video.

In fact, GIFs offer benefits that you might never obtain if you are using an image or a video, since GIF is more powerful than an image, yet they are also smaller in size than a video. Besides, GIF is a perfect choice if you want to show your casual side as it is usually funny and informal.

Quality and Quantity of Your Content

In the era of ‘bite-sized’ content, many content marketers think that it seems more logical to serve readers with shorter content, but is that always true?

The answer reveals that the length of your content won’t guarantee the success of your content. In other words, readers still value long-form content as long as it is interesting. Besides, the length of your content also defines the depth of the topic you’re covering. In fact, long content is great for increasing awareness, building trust and offering value.

Clear Structure

Having a clear and organized content will surely be appreciated by your readers. Therefore, you don’t have to create a big chunk of sentences, but make sure that your content can be optimized for all devices. Therefore, we recommend that you test your content on all devices before you publish it.

Bullet point is also another way that can allow readers to get back to the things they need to remember from what they’ve just read. However, you have to be careful, since too many bullet points can result in the opposite result.

Formatting your Content

Formatting is slightly different than structuring, it has more something to do with the way you present your actual content rather than the way you organize the sentences. These two are important in their own way, with the ultimate goal being to convince readers to spend more time on your content.

If you want to do the formatting, you have to pay attention to the headings. It allows you to divide your content into logical sections and don’t be afraid to use plenty of them. You can also use a range of different header sizes to label certain sections of your content with subheadings. In fact, headings can make your content structure easier to parse and therefore helping to highlight important bits. Furthermore, by this way, you are also going to help your content rank well in search.

Setting a Goal for Your Content

It is useful to set a goal before diving into content writing. By having a clear goal, one can focus on producing content. Once your post is published and you’re tracking metrics, you can return to the initial goal and see whether you’ve come close to achieving it or not. Bear in mind that you should not turn your content into an automatic machine of business jargon while setting a goal for your content.

The points above are given to enhance your content marketing performance, if you have had some contents before, you can always fix your content according to the 8 tips above. Hopefully, by applying the tips above, you can see the difference immediately.

9 Powerful Tips to Troubleshoot Your Technical SEO

Tips to troubleshoot your technical SEO_YWF

Many magazines will offer you the  best SEO practice guides. However, we think practice guide only is not enough, web masters and SEO agencies need some help with their SEO issues. If you are the one who works in SEO agencies or SEO service, this article will surely be suitable for you. There will be a lot of solutions to overcome many problems in SEO. Check this out.

Info: Search Operator

In many cases, [info:https://www.domain.com/page] can aid you in diagnosing a variety of issues. Besides, you will also discover it if a page is indexed and how it is indexed. Sometimes, you will see that Google chooses to fold pages together in their index and treat two or more duplicates as the same page. Furthermore, this command shows you the canonicalized version. However, it is not necessarily the one specified by the canonical tag, rather, it is what Google views as the version they want to index.

Basically, Google didn’t want two of the same page in their index. That is why; if you search for your page with this operator, you’ll see the other URL ranking instead of what you wish to see in search results.  The pages may be folded into one version and show the wrong page for the locations affected, if you make exact duplicates across country-language pairs in hreflang tags.

&filter=0 added to Google Search URL

To remove filters and show you more websites in Google’s consideration set, you can add &filter=0 to the end of the URL in a Google search. When you add this, you might see two versions of a page which may indicate issues with duplicate pages that weren’t rolled together. They might both say they are the correct version, for instance, and have signals to support that.

Furthermore, this URL appendix also provides you with other eligible pages on websites that could rank for this query. If you have multiple eligible pages, you are likely to consolidate pages or add internal links from these other relevant pages to the page you wish to rank.

Site: search operator

A search can show how wealthy the knowledge of a website. In fact, we would love to search for pages that are indexed in ways we wouldn’t expect, such as with parameters, pages in site sections we may not know about, and any issues with pages being indexed that shouldn’t be.

Site:domain.com keyword

To check for relevant pages on your site for another look at consolidation or internal link opportunities, you can use [site:domain.com keyword].

Another benefit about this search is that it will notice you if your website is eligible for a featured snippet for that keyword. Check through many of the top websites about this search to see what is included in their featured snippets that are eligible to try and find out what your website is missing or why one may be showing over another.

Using a “phrase” instead of a keyword will be useful if the content is being picked up by Google, which is handy on websites that are JavaScript-driven.

Static vs. Dynamic

It’s important to know that JS can rewrite the HTML of a page, when you’re dealing with JavaScript (JS). When you are looking at view-source or even Google’s cache, then you are looking at the unprocessed code. In fact, there are only limited amount of views that are actually be included once the JS is processed.  To see what is loaded into the Dom (Document Object Model) and use “Fetch and Render” in Google Search Console is a good idea, especially on how Google actually sees the page, since it may be you who is wrong. If this is right, but when processed, something in the <head> section breaks and causes it to end early, throwing many tags like canonical or hreflang into the <body> section, where they aren’t supported.

However, since it would allow hijacking of pages from other websites, these tags aren’t supported in the body.

Check Redirects and Header Responses

Another tip is to understand how your redirects are being handled. If you are worried that a certain path is being consolidated, you can check the “Links to Your Site” report in Google Search Console and look for links that go to pages earlier in the chain to see if they are in the report for the page and shown as “via this intermediate link.” If they are, it’s a safe bet Google is counting the links and consolidating the signals to the latest version of the page.

Things will be more interesting for header responses. On the page, you will see canonical tags and hreflang tags here than can conflict with other tags. Moreover, redirects using the HTTP Header can also be problematic. Many cases have been found where people set the “Location:” without any information in the field and then redirect people on the page with a JS redirect. However, as a result, they’re redirected to nothing before they can see the other redirects.

Check for Multiple Sets of Tags

You may not notice that there will be many tags found in multiple locations, such as the HTTP Header, the <head> section and the sitemap. Investigate for any inconsistencies between the tags. There’s nothing stopping multiple sets of tags on a page, either. For instance, your template added a meta robots tag for index, then a plugin had one set for no-index. You cannot halt your search after the first search, as you can’t just assume there is one tag for each item.

Change UA to Googlebot

Sometimes, you have to see something like Google sees. So, whenever you find interesting issues, like cloaking, redirecting users and caching, you can change this with Chrome Developer Tools or with a plugin. However, it would be better to use incognito mode, once you are going to do this. You might want to check that Googlebot isn’t being redirected somewhere.


You can use robots.txt for anything that might be blocked. For example, Google cannot crawl the page and can’t see those tags too. Therefore, you can use robots.txt for changes. Furthermore, you may also have a problem with a page not being indexed and not being able to figure out why. Although not officially supported, a noindex via robots.txt will keep a page out of the index, and this is just another possible location to check.

Summing Up

Since there will be many teams working on projects, in a complex environment, it is important to assume everything will change and everything will break at some point. In fact, the more points of failure can make the job of a technical SEO becomes more interesting and challenging.


5 Ways to Optimize Your Business with Instagram SEO

Today, Instagram has been so popular among other social media; in fact, its popularity has clearly beaten Facebook. It shows how people are getting more interested in images than words. No wonder many companies and business owners see this media as a tool to promote their products. For some companies, their products might be sold very well, but others may find themselves still struggling in getting involved. Why? Surely that creativity matters a lot in this media, but not everyone knows that there are some SEO aspects in this strategy. It doesn’t mean that the work might be as hard as SEO service does, but at least you have to know some basic SEO strategies on Instagram that you will find it important to elevate your business promotion. Here are the things you should know:

Do Keyword Research on Hashtags

It can be said that keyword research is one of the traditional SEO techniques onto the network. Even though Instagram is not a search engine,  it does have a search function. You can search anything you want with hashtag “#” put initially before typing for  a keyword. For maximum exposure, you can utilize the hashtags that are getting the most search volume and that are relevant to your photos. Another cool thing as opposed to keywords is that you can add many hashtags up to 30 hashtags at the end of your post. You don’t have to worry about keyword stuffing, for you can simply list the hashtags at the end of your post.

On Instagram, you don’t have to use keyword planner, for you can determine which hashtags that will be relevant. The important thing is never over-used the keywords. Furthermore, you may not have Keyword Planner like you usually have for Google. Therefore, it enables you to determine which hashtags are relevant, but not overly-used.

You can create your own, unique hashtag, but this means you have to compete with other big brands. However, you can ask people to use a specific hashtag in a contest; you could start carving out your own hashtag to get going in the future, which brings us to our next point.

Hold Contests for Prizes

You may have heard this tactic as this is a common social media tactic, but why do we keep mentioning this again? It’s because many companies are still not offering prizes on Instagram. Remember that prizes will go a long way on social media, so create a contest and spend some money here. You can follow what Neil Patel do; he leveraged his giveaways to get more followers and “a single giveaway could score a few thousand extra followers.”

You can select variety of ways to create a contest for social media, but choose the one that will work best on Instagram. Usually, the contest might put focus on images and hashtags to get the most engagement.

Partner with a Nonprofit or Charity Organizations

Companies that support communities usually get more likes from people. For example, you can help  nonprofit or charity organizations that are still related to your industry. This strategy is great for your business and your website in general, but it’s especially helpful on Instagram because images can be so powerful. Furthermore, it’s a good strategy as any partnership could work if done right as long as they are not your competitor.

Make Use of Instagram’s Business Tools for Advertising

Many people usually use it for connecting with the audience through stories, relevant photos, utilizing the right filters and getting the images out of the right people, and then the next step is oftentimes paid advertising. Even though this is the most common facilities, you can also try other features that are created specifically for businesses. Through these features, you can see metrics on how certain posts are performing, so they’re essentially the Insight option of this social platform, and they’re available to everyone. You can find many data for your paid advertisements, such as impressions, engagement and shares, reach, insights, and more.

Buy an Instagram Account with Already Established Followers

Another idea that is also quite popular is buying audience. You can buy audience from an established account, but the biggest problem with this approach is that the audience may be completely irrelevant with your business. No wonder in many cases, once the account is changed, you will likely lose the followers. This is because the audience considers your activities not interesting to them anymore.

Try Influencer Marketing

Using influencer marketing is also another great idea. Many companies partner with influencers within their niche and in turn, the influencer promotes the business. This is because some companies know that when an influencer promotes a brand’s product or service, it works like recommendations in a natural way. In fact, influencer marketing helps build a strong link profile and increase the overall reach and impact of your content. Moreover, this type of campaign will leverage your business credibility and appeal among audience.

Use the Instagram Storiy Feature to Personalize the Brand

A recent feature on Instagram has enabled businesses with a channel to bring their brand to life. This strategy will prevent you from flat posting on Instagram or spammy postings. Story is a great form to space out posts while still staying active. Besides, it helps businesses seem more personable to audience.

So, how does social media relate to SEO especially in this case,  Google? Actually, Google never says clearly whether or not search engine algorithms account for social signals. However, since search engines are continuously tailoring the search experience to be more personal and specific to its users, so it’s entirely possible that social signals will eventually have a part in SEO.