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Make More Sales with Social Selling

How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Social Sales_YWF

Generating sales is the ultimate goal of all marketing. So, marketers should put their best effort. One of the ways is by promoting content marketing that can help you increase revenue. But, don’t you know that you can also leverage your content for social selling? Besides, one study found that social selling report a year-over-year sales growth. If you are interested to know more detail information about social selling, you can continue to read this article.

What is Social Selling?
Social selling is interpreted as using social media the way it was supposed to be used: being social. This technique is usually used by many SEO services to leverage the amount of real buyer. For instance, you provide useful content, answer questions, and have conversations with prospects. Furthermore, you should have one main goal: getting your potential customers to respond to your efforts. You can start your social selling by getting them to comment on a status update or reply to a post. Over the long run, this act will turn into getting them to respond to an email or schedule a call.

How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Social Sales
There’s no better example of the selling power of blogging than great content. The main idea is to answer the most common question in your social media customer service responses. Remember that you should provide solutions to their problems, not just push those articles out on social media.

What Kind of Content Helps with Social Selling?
Not every content can generate sales, but there are some content that can generate sales, such as:

  • How-to guides for common problems in your industry
  • Useful FAQ pages
  • Explainer content about how to use your product or service
  • Video content
  • Webinars
  • Shocking or surprising information that gets people to take action.

What to Do After You Generate Traffic
You understand how to use content and social media to generate traffic. Now it’s time to turn these leads into sales. It starts by understanding more about your leads. Google Analytics is great. But, it doesn’t reveal enough information about your individual prospects to help you nurture a relationship with them.

Enhance Your Analytics for Easier Outreach
You can install Lead feeder to enhance your social selling. It works on top of Google’s tools to reveal data related to your site’s anonymous visitors. Lead feeder will actually show you which companies your website visitors work for. To determine what offices they’re browsing from, it uses their IP addresses. You’ll get a lot more info about the company, including a list of LinkedIn connections you have that are associated with that company.

Moreover, it tracks which pages your anonymous audience members look at, which can help you segment them. Then, it automatically pushes this data to your CRM, where you can sort them by quality, regency, and other factors. As a result, you’ll get better insight into the traffic you’re already getting. So, you can follow with targeted outreach messaging via your social channels and land more clients.

Get Maximum Conversions by Setting Up your Content
Our main goal is not only driving traffic, but also to get more info about your visitors. Then, make sure that they will come back. That’s why it’s important to have strong, highly-relevant calls to action within your content. Using a simple “subscribe to get our updates” won’t cut it. You need to offer something better.

Email Outreach to Enhance Your Social Selling
When you get your visitor’s contact info, it’s time to make a deal. And the best way to reach them is via email or social media. This can be a good way to interact with them. Also, get them on the phone, or even lead them directly to a sales page on your website.

Both social selling and content marketing are the epitome of digital marketing. So, if  you can combine the two, you can drive traffic like crazy and turn them into prospective buyers.

Getting Real On Social Media? You Need These Reputation Dos and Don’ts

Getting real on social media you need these reputation dos and don’ts

Sometimes what you have learnt from school about how to write for branding might not produce you with good result as people will have positive thought in brand that uses a “human talk” rather than a professional-speak, especially in social media channels. In fact, the higher the stiffness levels of the company, the lowers the impression. Therefore, for this situation, a real voice is a real winner.

So, this is clear that human voice offers more benefits associated with using a real and human-like voice on social media channels. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind, since after all humans can be quirky and unpredictable, and sometimes, our behavior can be too much, while this is not the side that you want to be presented in social sites.

Therefore it is important to find out the Dos and the Don’ts in writing for social media, especially if your social media is part of your web development or SEO service, which means you create it for having a lot of visitors come to your website.


Here are some of the things that you should do to enhance your social media campaign:

  1. Define your audience

Even though mostly people will prefer to speak with human voice but still you need to define your audience, as for instance, you will not apply the same tone and words to an infant and a corporate executive. Before you follow on this trend, take a few moments to really think about what audience your company serves and what your company stands for. If you find that your customer might think that formality is the best way to communicate, then, you may need to tune down your humanizing plans.

  1. Have a Person Manage your Media

Being consistent is the key of branding, so you better have one person that can have a full time job to manage your social media campaign. Let the person being responsible for all of the writing, updating, and promoting.

  1. Consider Emoji

Emoji can easily affect your user mood, people will certainly like you if you add some words with little smiles and clapping hands, as the next web suggests that some 74 percent of Americans use emoticons or emoji in their online notes. However, you still need to make sure that you also use actual words in your posts as a post that only represent with simple messages will make it difficult to understand. So, you better combine your words and a little emoji.


The key here is by being real, but as it mentioned above that being real can also cause you some problems if you do not know which side that you should bring up. Here are some of the points that you need to avoid.

  1. Disrespecting your customers

Using a very human real voice is good but still respecting your customer is more important, for example, calling your customer with name that they like is better, but calling their names with names that you made for them can be annoying.

  1. Make Light of a Serious Situation

A human voice is really suitable to share a story about your brand, your company, or your employees. However, there are some serious issues that may request for a formal tone of conversation. For example, if someone complains to your page and you respond it casually, people will think that you do not take the complaint seriously.

  1. Degrade your Brand for a Laugh

Being casual and humorous may be good in social media, but using a sarcastic humor can expense the brand. Bear in mind that you can still be funny without being offensive.

The Importance of Social Signals to Your SEO


If you are a SEO or webmaster and would like to increase the traffic, you need to evaluate on things that you always focus on. As there are many SEOs and Webmasters that reinforce their works on off page and on page strategy only while they put aside the job of social signals in SEO. While the optimization of Social signals is as necessary as the other factors that can support the success of SEO service, therefore below article is presented to explain how social signals can impact on your SEO service result.

Increased Traffic

Organizing traffic to come to your websites can be the best way for SEO, especially if the traffic comes from your effort in social media. Surprisingly, even though this worried some SEOs and webmasters, but no follow links still drive traffic. Actually, they may be more valuable than ever as no follow links from your social media profiles can be a real asset. Besides, it lets Google knows that your site is being discussed about. This is where the real value comes into play as it depends on how good your content is, the better your content is the more traffic that you will likely to gain, and it is because people will share information that seems interesting and important to their needs.

Social Link Building

Obtaining natural links is the main point that every SEO aims to have, even though today it becomes more difficult to receive. However, if you can get an inherent authority from trusted social media platforms, you can have a golden ticket for improving your online visibility and leveraging your drive traffic but you need to ensure that your landing pages are fully optimized to catch, and track any traffic coming in from social channels. Take a good hard look at your social profiles and bios, and make sure they’re optimized for optimal results with links back to your main website.

Increased Domain Authority

Even though, there is no real data which can proof that the idea of social signals can increase domain authority, but Backlinko’s ranking factors shows that there is a possibility for social signals to bring good influence domain authority since the amount of traffic which is sent to your site from credence social platforms will strengthen the value and reputation of your site.

Tapping into the Social Chatter

No one doubts about the power of social signals for your SEO service as this can be one of the most influencing strategy for a successful SEO service. Therefore, remember to keep engaged with your social media contacts by commenting on social media posts or any forums which are related to your business as even though its value is not stated by Google, but it is clear enough that social has a significant part to your SEO.