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Stop Using These Used-to-Be Web Design Trends If You Want to Attract More Customers in 2018

Stop Using These Used-to-Be Web Design Trends If You Want to Attract More Customers in 2018

In a world where everything is constantly changing as time goes by, we are expected to adjust to the changes, especially business owners. Why? Before answering that question, first let’s define what exactly a business is. Business is the act of selling goods or services and earning profits through satisfying human needs. Basically, a business owner earns money for a living through fulfilling people’s needs especially those who need what the business owner has in store. With that knowledge in mind, a business owner has to do what it takes to make those people stay. Well, it is always possible to do that in this era, where everything is almost digital and can be reached anywhere and anytime they want.

One of the ways you can do to reach your target audience in this era is by having a website. A website is one of the important elements in communicating with your target audience and providing information about your business so that they can find reasons to trust your business. However, building a website sometimes is not easy. You have to harmonise and combine every components needed in building a grandiose website for your target audience to see. One of the very crucial components in building a website is a web design. If SEO is the component that can boost your online visibility, let’s just say; “introducing your website” to search engines and web development is one component that brings your website to life, then web design is one important component that makes your website “feel alive.” Want to know more? Well, if you are a business owner, especially if you are just starting out, this article is perfect for you!

Just like fashion, interior design, or even cosmetics, web design is also changing with time, because of the trends. Trends are always coming in the future, whether you like it or not. If business owners want their business to run smoothly, they need to pay attention to the trends. Pay attention, not immediately change to the trends. Just because something is on trend, that doesn’t mean you have to follow every one of them. While trends have to be adjusted to your business too, there are trends that are just not right no matter what kind of business you have is. Below we have provided you with web design trends that are not cool anymore.

Bevel and Emboss

Have you ever worn a skinny jeans when it was the “it” in its time? Then suddenly now when you look at a photo when you wore it, you’re like “what was I thinking?” Yes, that is also what happens when you see bevel and emboss now.

Web 2.0 Gloss

The bevel and emboss trend wasn’t suddenly left behind one day in favour of minimalism. Instead, it had to evolve into something even more ornate before we decided to run in the completely opposite direction. Can you imagine a button glossier than your lip gloss? Ugh. No. Sure you can add a glow or two to a button, but overdoing this is not right and will just hurt your audience’s eyes.

Too much cursive text is a curse!

We admit that cursive text is beautiful. Only if you use it for a display on your home’s wall. But for a website? Do you expect that to attract your target audience? One of the crucial parts in a websites is the readable text. Cursive text is beautiful, but it is not readable on a website, especially if you are trying to explain about your business in a bit longer sentence.

Yes, those are the trends that “had their time” but their time is done. Now that with more website design trends coming, more websites are beautifully designed and even provide simpler navigation with “good looks.”  But we never know what the future holds. Maybe designers will work on new things or just patch up the old designs to make them even better in the future. Well, let’s wait for new trends and keep paying attention.

Budget-Saving SEO Ideas for Your Business

Budget Saving SEO Ideas for Your Business

Most business owners who have been in the business world for a long time are already familiar with the importance of having a website and using SEO services for their business. Small or big businesses still need SEO, especially now that technology has always been developed, almost everything is digital. That being said, sometimes starting a small business may be tough for some small business owners. One of the common and obvious reasons why that is hard is that of course, the difficulty in budgeting. The cost for promoting a business itself may take up some time and a lot of money, coupled with the cost of tax. For that reason, we wrote this article to give you simple SEO tips and ideas on how to cut corners to save your small business budgets. Below are the tips you can do for budget saving SEO campaign (some are even free!).

Use Social Media

Using social media as a tool for promoting your business and interacting with your customers or potential customers is the right step to take and definitely free! You don’t need to be on every platform, adjust your business type and needs to the suitable social media platforms. Choose carefully, the right business should be on the right social media platforms. For example, if you own fashion clothing line, the most suitable social media platform would be Instagram. Make sure you keep up to date with the trends and keep engaging well with customers. If you have followers above 10.000, you should have some of your workers to manage your social media business profile, so that if there are many inquiries, you can answer all of them without problems. Staying in touch with your followers is also important; therefore, make sure it is not only one or two persons managing the social media, as it would be too much to handle.

Get listed in online directories

If you are a local business, then it is important for your business detailed information to get listed across numerous online directories and local search portals. This way, people can find your business online. There are local listings that you can claim, such as Google listing, Yahoo, Bing as well as Yelp. There are also online directories that offer you free listing services, and even though they offer paid listing services, the price is more affordable!

Blog writing for SEO

Another free but effective SEO process is through blog writing. Basically, you write relevant articles with your business to be posted on, let’s say, Blogspot and WordPress and stuff one keyword for the services or products you offer in each article, but don’t stuff so many keywords in one article. Make sure you write relevant articles and use relevant tags too. If you write high quality and relevant articles, it will improve the chance for your business to be more recognised and boost your business online visibility, which can result in enhancing your brand awareness.

Do some “make overs” on your website

Yes, websites also need make overs. It is not only in the form of web design, but also your content. Make sure your website’s content is relevant and written in high quality. Also, make it mobile-friendly, so that your visitors can access your website on the go easily. You can also place a keyword on your content, but over-optimise your keywords by inserting multiple keywords at once. Just one or two is enough.

Keep informed and updated with online reviews

When you own a business, it is important for you to monitor how your business is doing based on customers’ online reviews. Online reviews can help you increase your brand awareness, but watch out for negative reviews! The increase in brand awareness can mean two things: your business is popular for its credibility and your business has a bad reputation. Of course you’d want the former, right? Therefore, in order to tackle this problem, you can start responding to every review on your business profile. Even if you have some negative reviews, responding well and accepting changes for the better will earn your business some positive vibes. The key point in handling negative reviews is that you respond well on every complaints delivered to you.

That’s how you can still do SEO for your business on a budget! Before you hire an SEO company when your business is well-balanced, make sure you do these tips. Therefore, you are already on the right path when it is time to really hire an SEO company. If you are still looking for an SEO company to do SEO services for your website, you can contact us for more information.

Asymmetrical Design for Your Website: Whimsical Beauty Added in the Trends

Asymmetrical Design for Your Website Whimsical Beauty Added in the Trends

One of the crucial parts in building a website is its web design. A website without its web design is like wearing a fancy dress without putting on some make up; your website could go live, but the website would seem lifeless. If you have a business website without having it designed, this could be a lost cause to your business. Why? That is because with web design, it could also determine how long your web visitors will stay interested in your website. With so many designs out there, business owners compete with each other to impress their visitors with their website, so that they could get more potential customers turned into real paying customers through keeping up with the trends. Are you one of the business owners who feels challenged with the trends? Or do you want to be the trend and want to have a better website look? Then, this article is especially made for you!

As time goes by, there are more and more web design trends coming. One of the popular designs that never seem to be out-dated is asymmetrical design. In asymmetrical design, there are designs containing elements that don’t create a mirror image. Although just like the name “asymmetrical”, these asymmetrical designs are, in fact, balanced, but just not through perfectly similar halves. It may be difficult to design it and to achieve the look, but once finished, the result is whimsically so stunning and beautiful. Not only does this design give you perfect harmony or balance, but it can also represent modern and class. The concepts of asymmetrical design are very influential because it has attention-grabbing techniques and imagination-provoking elements in it.

You can ask your designer to mix and match symmetrical and asymmetrical concepts within a design project. If they divide the design into smaller sections there will be parts that contain different types of balance. (Think of panels in parallax scrolling sites or the design of an image within the canvas).

Using space

The concept of minimalism design trend that is good for this design is using so much space for an easier balance of a simple object or image against a larger white or dark background. If there is a balance between white, or negative space, and elements in the design, it should create contrast. This will direct the eye’s movement across the design.

Emphasize motion

Imagine you see a wedding ring falling to the ground. You can already sense the motion. This also applies to the motion you can “feel” in an asymmetrical design. Your eyes will move from the larger, heavier part of the screen to the lighter part, naturally. Overall, this design brings more imagination for you.

You can add focus with colour

Good asymmetrical colour patterns are usually the ones that are high in contrast and colour combinations. You can add bright hues against black or a toned photograph that has bold white typography on top. High colour contrast will be the focus and visual weight to specific parts of the design.

You can create asymmetrical colour combinations by using the colour wheel. Choose the colour combinations that fall outside traditional colour rules for a sense of asymmetry. You can use colour to highlight and emphasize other elements in the asymmetrical outline. Colour “gets along” well with elements such as geometric shapes, typography or even in the background to get the balance.

Creating asymmetrical design may be tough for your designer at first, but if it is done properly with well-planned strategy, the result will be much more beautiful than you can imagine. Your visitors might not even leave your website! If you are interested in using asymmetrical design for your website but haven’t found the designer yet, you can contact us and our team will be ready to help you.