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5 Ways to Build Better Online Reputation through SEO



The main purpose of SEO service is to optimize any strategy to boost your website rank in the search results. One of the strategies that you can rely on is to show your “human” side of your business. This strategy will make your business seems more relatable and real. But, how can you show your human side through SEO? The answer is simply by collecting and displaying reviews. In fact, positive and negative reviews are used as a ranking factor. Negative reviews cause bad rank to your site while positive reviews will elevate your rank.

How Do I Take Advantage of Online Reviews and Improve my SEO?
Nowadays, customers wish to get better “transparency” from sellers. Transparency as a business means to open up to criticism and feedback. In detail, the action includes as:

  • Allowing employees to talk about your products and services publicly such as through an employee advocacy program.
  • Establishing 1-to-1 communication channel
  • Asking for feedback
  • Not hiding from criticism
  • Addressing criticism publicly

There will be some reviews that may destroy your reputation. Although, you can remove all the bad reviews but it is not a wise move. The best way is to turn the negative reviews to positive reviews through better customer service experience. Here are 7 tips that you can use to uplift your online reputation management:

  1. Monitor Your Reviews
    Apply social keywords when responding to social media messages directed at your brand. Set a Google Alert to notify you of any news posted about your brand. Therefore, by monitoring people’s reviews, you know what people really want and you can improve your product better.
  1. Friendly and Quick Respond
    Read your reviews daily. If you have more time, you can login to view and respond to social media messages multiple times a day. Make these daily routines as your habit, just like checking your email. In short, try to respond any reviews in less than 24 hours.
  1. Have Personality
    You can learn from many famous online businesses. Amazon is a good example. It always comes with a positive attitude and a willingness to help. Besides, it opens up a conversation in a witty style no matter what you have to say.
  1. Think of SEO as your Digital Business Card
    As it is stated above, good SEO strategies will help you boost your business. It works better than any business cards or flyers. In fact, business directory and profile sites help you accurately list your company online and monitor your reviews. Here are lists of business profile sites, that you can get started:
  • Amazon
  • Angie’s List
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Bing Places
  • Citysearch
  • Consumer Reports
  • Demand Force (newer review site)
  • Dex Knows
  • com
  • com
  • Google+ Local/Google Places
  • Home Advisor
  • Insider Pages
  • Judy’s Book
  • MerchantCircle
  • Trip Advisor
  • Yahoo! Local
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yelp!

To gain and monitor your reviews, you can list your business on these sites.

  1. Pay Attention to Reviews on Social Media
    Remember that social media profiles are also part of digital reputation management. Therefore, sites like LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook are best for business as it has important information and people can post their reviews in these social media.

4 Tips E-Commerce Companies Should Do to Improve Revenue

5 Tips E-Commerce Companies Should Do to Improve Revenue

Are you struggling with your E-commerce sites? If yes, this is maybe because you don’t know what to do with your E-commerce. Fortunately, SEO can be a powerful tool for your E-commerce. In the tips below, you will see 4 ways to double or even triple your revenue by attracting more organic search traffic. If you are marketers or people who work in SEO service. This article is certainly for you.

  1. Successful e-commerce companies use search & analytics data to inform their strategy.

Every successful e-commerce company knows that data is king. Therefore, many successful e-commerce websites will conduct research to collect information about what people are searching for on Google by carefully studying search terms, phrases and keywords.

To analyze the data, marketers or SEO analyst can use tools like SEMrush to measure conversion percentages and market share by category and sub-category. The acquired information will give a realistic picture of where the company stands, how well they’re doing, where opportunities lie to increase market share, and what segment they should focus on. In the end, data is aimed to help increasing sales and revenues.

  1. Their Information Architecture and Website Structure is Customer-Focused

Another key to improve you revenue is to always serve on what customers want. You can discover your customer’s intent by using search data from Google. Then identify frequently asked questions and solutions that customers are searching for.

The website of a successful e-commerce company doesn’t mirror its organizational structure. Instead, the focus is on what customer want. Using search data from Google to uncover user intent, smart marketers first identify frequently asked questions and solutions that customers are searching for. A customer-oriented information architecture which is effective and easy to navigate can be a solution.

  1. Their Content Strategy is Based on Search Data

In terms of creating content, Leaders of successful e-commerce will always produce content that matters to their customers. So, it will be good if SEO consultants and content producers work together in deciding what kind of content that impacts sales or build long-term relationships.

  1. They Solve Critical Problems Early in the Planning Phase

Having bad planning will caught you in a nightmare, therefore proper planning and preparation lets the high performers issue suitable instructions to developers, which results in better website coding that won’t have to be completely redone later if problems arise.

How to See Your Website like Google Sees It







As web masters, knowing how Google sees your website is necessary. In fact, this is one of the keys that can make your sites reach Google first page. So, how can you make your website looks good in SEO sight? Below are some ways that you should notice about. If you are working in SEO service agents, this article is for you.

How to Fetch As Google

To Fetch as Google, first you need to have verified webmaster tools on your website. You can find the option to “Fetch as Google” under the section called “Crawl”. By this way, you can enter any webpages you want rendered by Google-both mobile and desktop versions. As the page will appear just as Google sees it, this will allow you to ensure the search engine is viewing everything correctly. Moreover, you can ensure whether the search engine is viewing everything correctly.

You can monitor the status as webmaster tools crawls the page – the status will show from “Partial” to “Complete”. Moreover, you can view the information under “Fetch” or “Render” throughout the process. If you struggle to analyze fetched text, rendering will give you a visual view.

Resolving Problems

Moreover, a notification, such as “Temporarily Unreachable”, “Redirected”, or “Failed” will appear when something wrong happens in a page. In some instances, webmaster tools can help you resolve the error. To see a list in the errors details screen and troubleshoot appropriately, you can click on “Crawl Errors”.

Temporarily Unreachable

The “temporarily unreachable” appears when you server is temporarily down or face an issue. The most common solution is to wait and try again. If the message continues to appear every time you attempt to crawl, it is likely because you are using a poor-quality or free hosting service. Your best option is to switch to a premium service.

Another cause of this message may be a security plugin blocking the Googlebot from accessing your site. In this case, you will need to disable your plugins and rerun “Fetch as Google” a couple minutes later. If this fails to solve the issue,


If you have an issue with your content, your message will be failed. You can resolve this problem by typing the URL from the fetching test into your browser and check the page does appear. Make sure that it is able to load before running a Google page speeds insights test to measure page performance. But, you will need to contact your hosting company and ask customer support to fix the problem if the issue is caused by a server firewall.


Continually refreshing a page will cause you with browser issue, but also due to a virus or malware. Therefore, to minimize the risk you can remove any suspicious software and reset your browser. Another way is by switching to another browser or even another computer and run the test there.

Submitting your Site for indexing

You can shortcut the normal indexing process and help your site reach results pages much sooner by fetching as Google. To submit your site as part of the “Fetch as Google” process, use the “Submit to Index” button.

You can try two options for indexing your pages, first is by selecting “Crawling only this URL.” This means the Googlebot will only consider the page itself and ignore any links on the page. However, Googlebot will crawl everything, if you choose “Crawl this URl and its direct links”.