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Why is Whitespace So Important in Web Design?


Many web designers still consider whitespace with negative space while the fact is whitespace is an important element of design for good reason. In fact, if used well and correctly, it can provide many advantages to your website and transform a design. What are the advantages of using whitespace? Read the points below.

  1. Increased Content Legibility

It is important to give a clear description to users about where they should be going and reasons to keep reading. For instance, by applying whitespace between paragraphs and around blocks of text and images, one can help people understand what they are reading and as a result, it can produce a better user experience.

  1. More Interaction

If you wish to increase visitors’ interaction, you can apply a good amount of whitespace that can prevent distractions that can slow the visitor down. Besides, a slight padding around objects will help draw attention to a specific area on your site. In fact, according to research conducted by Human Factors International, whitespace increases comprehension by almost 20%.

  1. Ability to Highlight Call to Actions (CTAs)

In order to highlight something, usually designers will make things bigger. However, you can also try other tricks, such as surrounding the item with whitespace which works effectively to highlight things.

  1. A Tidy Site Equals an Impressive Site

People say that first impression matters a lot and it’s true. You can apply great solid layouts, good color schemes to add the impression, but whitespace is important as it indicates finesse and ingenuity. Some people think that whitespace will make your website look bare and minimalistic. However, with the right usage, you can add a sense of elegance and superiority to your website.

  1. Creating Balance

Knowing how to apply the right amount of whitespace is absolute, since having too little whitespace causes confusion, disorganization and unreliability qualities, which you surely don’t want to associate with your site’s brand. Oppositely, using too much whitespace could highlight a lack of content and a lack of user guidance. Hence, balancing your whitespace design is the best solution for an easy accessibility and improved user experience.

  1. Acts as a Separator

Another benefit that is offered by whitespace is that it separates unrelated elements in a design. It can be used to separate images/graphics from each other and improve your overall visual layout. However, above all, whitespace helps to produce clearer communication or ideas and effective designs.

Things to Consider when Using Whitespace

After knowing the benefits that whitespace may provide you with, now you have to learn on how to apply it the best way. Sometimes, whitespace can often be crowded out of a design, so to prevent this thing from happening; you need to know how to resolve it. Take a look at some ways below:

  1. Designer vs. Developer

Designers and developers often work together in a project. Usually, the layout is passed on to the developer who hands it back to the designer. After that, the layout looks will totally be different compared with the first design. Therefore, to avoid making lots of change, it will be better for designer and developer to collaborate and discuss layout concepts/wireframes, highlight and emphasize padding, as well as plan out margins and line heights and all the other design details of your site to avoid any misunderstandings and confusion.

  1. The Fold

Not many designers know how to maximize the usage of whitespace, in fact they insist on squeezing as much content as possible high on the page, which, as a result, takes too many spaces on the page. It is important to remember that we do not know the point where users have to start scrolling. Since it is impossible to know the fold lies on viewer‘s screen, it is not worth worrying about.

  1. Explaining Your Design

The last stage is to discuss with your client and explain your motive and principle. In this case, make sure you use easily understandable words or conversations rather than make fluffy generalizations. Moreover, it is important to back up the choices and stay clear of vague arguments that may make little sense to others.

From the explanation above, we can see that whitespace has lot of advantages and functions more than we might know. It doesn’t only create harmony, balance, and help to brand a design, but it is also used to take a reader from one element to another. Furthermore, nothing can beat whitespace in terms of producing simple and uncluttered look that delivers better information that your readers will surely enjoy and appreciate.

Ways to Make your Apps Serverless


The rise of a new buzzword has made many people think that servers no longer exist, but the fact is, a server is still needed somewhere. This is why the “serverless” term may mislead many people. What makes “serverless” term is that you can successfully build your applications without deploying code to your own servers. Therefore, as a web developer your dream of spending less time worrying about servers and more time for building software will come true.

Serverless in Action

When your site serves many readers a month, it means that the traffic that comes to our scale is significant and sudden, as articles can go viral at any moment. As a result, you may have trouble keeping up and our engineers are spending too much time on operations. Therefore, as a solution, you can take a look at serverless platforms which offer you a complete success of your projects, such as more maintainable, easier to operate, and cheaper.

Amazon Web Services

Serverless has a close relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). In fact, AWS is the answer for one critical question; where does the custom code go? The concept of using third-party services and platform is not new, with database, you can push notifications, caching, and many other layers of an application have all been available ‘as a service’ for a while, but they sat on the edge of your application. Therefore, a server is still needed as a place for core application code, which is usually a server responding to external requests. Through AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway, you can deploy custom application code without the overhead of managing your own servers.

AWS Lambda

Applying Lambda is quite simple, you only need to write code and upload it. Lambda is Amazon’s version of functions-as-a-service (FaaS). Then, as a response to events including HTTP requests, S3 uploads, DynamoDB updates, Kinesis streams, and many others, AWS will run the code. Since scaling happens automatically, you are only charged when your functions are running.

None of these features are strictly a requirement for serverless, but AWS has certainly set the bar high. Any serverless platform will likely to have a stateless FaaS offering with very granular billing because of the precedent set by AWS.

Other Platforms

Right now, Amazon may still be the first competitor in the arena, but other providers are showing up quickly. All the major cloud platforms have recently launched services targeted at serverless applications. Here are a few of them:

  • Google Cloud Functions: Still in alpha, having almost the same functionality to AWS Lambda and can also be triggered by HTTP requests.
  • Azure Functions: This platform is still relatively new and similar to Lambda. Other benefits are Azure has a pleasant UI and makes it easy to expose functions over HTTP without needing a separate routing service.
  • IBM OpenWhisk: This is the only open source platform. You will want to investigate this, if you are interested in deploying your own serverless platform or just curious with how they work under the hood.


If you think serverless is the solution of every problem, you might be wrong, for serverless does not come without its challenges. In fact, the community is still discovering best practices, especially when it comes to operations as the space is new and as such. In fact, this platform still requires tools for deploying, maintaining and monitoring our applications. However, many believe that there will be many new startups’ third party services targeted at solving these problems for serverless developers.


With lots of open source community, it is possible to manually build and deploy serverless applications yourself, but we suggest that you use the existed frameworks, since a few endpoints, building, packaging, zipping, uploading and versioning all become difficult to manage. Here are some frameworks that you might want to consider:

  • Serverless framework: This framework has a robust plugin system and integrates with many community developed plugins with many community developed plugins. Its stated goal is to eventually support deployment to any of the major cloud platforms.
  • Apex: Even though it is written in Go, it supports Python, Node.js and Java runtime languages. Furthermore, the inventor of this tool, TJ Holowaychuk, is a well-known fixture in the open source community and has a great sense of what makes for good developer tools.
  • Chalice: it is the only framework created and maintained by AWS and currently supports Python.
  • Shep: If you are looking for framework that can be used for all our production services, Bustles’ own open source framework can be a great choice. It focuses on the Node.js runtime and strives to be opinionated about how you should structure, build, and deploy applications.

 It seems that in 2017 “serverless” technology will keep growing and you will see rapid adoption from startups to fortune 500 companies. This is because many developers have realized that the serverless movement is the best way to build better software.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Business with Instagram SEO

Today, Instagram has been so popular among other social media; in fact, its popularity has clearly beaten Facebook. It shows how people are getting more interested in images than words. No wonder many companies and business owners see this media as a tool to promote their products. For some companies, their products might be sold very well, but others may find themselves still struggling in getting involved. Why? Surely that creativity matters a lot in this media, but not everyone knows that there are some SEO aspects in this strategy. It doesn’t mean that the work might be as hard as SEO service does, but at least you have to know some basic SEO strategies on Instagram that you will find it important to elevate your business promotion. Here are the things you should know:

Do Keyword Research on Hashtags

It can be said that keyword research is one of the traditional SEO techniques onto the network. Even though Instagram is not a search engine,  it does have a search function. You can search anything you want with hashtag “#” put initially before typing for  a keyword. For maximum exposure, you can utilize the hashtags that are getting the most search volume and that are relevant to your photos. Another cool thing as opposed to keywords is that you can add many hashtags up to 30 hashtags at the end of your post. You don’t have to worry about keyword stuffing, for you can simply list the hashtags at the end of your post.

On Instagram, you don’t have to use keyword planner, for you can determine which hashtags that will be relevant. The important thing is never over-used the keywords. Furthermore, you may not have Keyword Planner like you usually have for Google. Therefore, it enables you to determine which hashtags are relevant, but not overly-used.

You can create your own, unique hashtag, but this means you have to compete with other big brands. However, you can ask people to use a specific hashtag in a contest; you could start carving out your own hashtag to get going in the future, which brings us to our next point.

Hold Contests for Prizes

You may have heard this tactic as this is a common social media tactic, but why do we keep mentioning this again? It’s because many companies are still not offering prizes on Instagram. Remember that prizes will go a long way on social media, so create a contest and spend some money here. You can follow what Neil Patel do; he leveraged his giveaways to get more followers and “a single giveaway could score a few thousand extra followers.”

You can select variety of ways to create a contest for social media, but choose the one that will work best on Instagram. Usually, the contest might put focus on images and hashtags to get the most engagement.

Partner with a Nonprofit or Charity Organizations

Companies that support communities usually get more likes from people. For example, you can help  nonprofit or charity organizations that are still related to your industry. This strategy is great for your business and your website in general, but it’s especially helpful on Instagram because images can be so powerful. Furthermore, it’s a good strategy as any partnership could work if done right as long as they are not your competitor.

Make Use of Instagram’s Business Tools for Advertising

Many people usually use it for connecting with the audience through stories, relevant photos, utilizing the right filters and getting the images out of the right people, and then the next step is oftentimes paid advertising. Even though this is the most common facilities, you can also try other features that are created specifically for businesses. Through these features, you can see metrics on how certain posts are performing, so they’re essentially the Insight option of this social platform, and they’re available to everyone. You can find many data for your paid advertisements, such as impressions, engagement and shares, reach, insights, and more.

Buy an Instagram Account with Already Established Followers

Another idea that is also quite popular is buying audience. You can buy audience from an established account, but the biggest problem with this approach is that the audience may be completely irrelevant with your business. No wonder in many cases, once the account is changed, you will likely lose the followers. This is because the audience considers your activities not interesting to them anymore.

Try Influencer Marketing

Using influencer marketing is also another great idea. Many companies partner with influencers within their niche and in turn, the influencer promotes the business. This is because some companies know that when an influencer promotes a brand’s product or service, it works like recommendations in a natural way. In fact, influencer marketing helps build a strong link profile and increase the overall reach and impact of your content. Moreover, this type of campaign will leverage your business credibility and appeal among audience.

Use the Instagram Storiy Feature to Personalize the Brand

A recent feature on Instagram has enabled businesses with a channel to bring their brand to life. This strategy will prevent you from flat posting on Instagram or spammy postings. Story is a great form to space out posts while still staying active. Besides, it helps businesses seem more personable to audience.

So, how does social media relate to SEO especially in this case,  Google? Actually, Google never says clearly whether or not search engine algorithms account for social signals. However, since search engines are continuously tailoring the search experience to be more personal and specific to its users, so it’s entirely possible that social signals will eventually have a part in SEO.