What Facebook Has Planned for the Next Three Years


It seems that everyone these days knows Facebook, with billions of users Facebook still becomes social media services leader among others popular social media, such as, Instagram, Twitter, QQ and etc which also gain so many popularity. However, after so many years of success, Facebook keep exploring it features to be on top among its counterparts, as new social media always occurs with different features and function. This is why Facebook need to arrange another good strategy for the future of Facebook and here are what Facebook has planned for the next three years ahead.

  • Turning Its Popular Apps into Profits

These days, Facebook Company has widened its technology communication business into so many popular apps, such as WhatsApp, Mesenger and Instagram. With millions of users in every launched app, Facebook is challenged to think about how to get more profits from those popular chat apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger which can similarly make money from their devoted user as these two kinds of app have become more attractive since they provide with voice calling, taking on the mobile carriers.

  • Oculus

Next year, is where Facebook will launch its inaugural headset. What people want to know is how quick this oculus project can pays off its $2 billion acquisition of the company. Moreover, Oculus success will not only value from how many headset it can sell, but also from its platform, such as, how far its platform can win developers heart rather than its rival, Sony’s Morpheus. In fact, people expect to see more than just video games that will be provided in Oculus, varies platforms, such as entertainment content and communication platform, will be next Facebook’s challenge on Oculus.

  • Advertising Revenue

In the next, video ads and “instant article” which the company’s just launched system of embedding other publisher’s articles on the site along with ads will become some ways out for growing advertising revenue. Moreover, Facebook also considers on putting an ad exchange, to enable Facebook to automate the sales process of other publishers’ ads.

  • Expanding Internet Access

Because of massive penetration of Facebook, with 1.44 billion monthly active users, Facebook constantly experiences reduction. Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg has invested his vision for expanding Internet access to the rest of the world, with drones and satellites, among the things. Although this kind of investment may take long term for fruition market of Facebook, but Zuckerberg considers the long wait of investment is worth it.