Things that Marketers Can Learn From Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO

With a high popularity of Pokémon GO, many marketers keep wondering what makes it so successful that almost every people are talking about it. In fact, it has been exhibited rather clearly by the tens of millions of downloads globally, the millions in daily revenue that the app is generating, and more than a few local stampedes. No wonder, many marketers have been looking for ways to capitalize on the popularity and turn it into revenue. Whether, you are online or offline marketers, conducting Pokémon GO strategy to increase your SEO service or selling has never been this interesting.

This game which is focusing on hyper targeted digital as campaigns geared towards a local market with easy, short-term access to the venue and a penchant for mobile applications. Some smart merchant will take advantage on this Pokémon GOfever on their shop, for example, a restaurant who installs lure will make their restaurant crowded with people who 60% of them come to catch pokémon, but does this strategy go in vain since they only want to play Pokémon instead of buying your product? No, since the visitor will at least buy one item from the restaurant.

So, what Marketers Need to Know about this phenomenon?

  • Incentives are crucial

Another strategy is to turn virtual worlds into real-life traffic, therefore it is required an incentive to your audience in order to do this. In fact, the more interesting facts is that it is one of, if not the first product to market that truly transcends the now-stale SoLoMo (social-local-mobile) mantra. In fact, with the exception of the lures, everything involved in this campaign was actually traditional marketing.

  • Meet the Trends with Reality

As it is stated above that this game can be played everywhere, so the incentive would matter as much as the social aspects with regards to driving players to a particular location. However, the campaign simply isn’t going to work if both of those elements don’t inspire. Therefore, if you are willing to maximize your revenue through taking advantage from Pokémon GOfever, you need to make sure that your location fit into the theme of the game, and your incentives need to attract to the player’s mindset since your effort will not produce a satisfying result without a strong understanding of the product, the demographics playing, and their interests.