The Rise of Video Marketing on Social and How It Affects Your Business

video marketing

How many Social media serves you with video features now days? It is countless, right? This is because what is called as content currently is not limited on articles only. Besides, video provides you with so many advantages that other kind of contents cannot do. In fact, this new trend can provide good business opportunity for online entrepreneur and SEO services as they can market their services, products and content on video platform and social media.  Wondering why video content is good for your business? Below are the reasons.


  1. The Library of Content: YouTube

The first thought of video content which comes across your mind must be YouTube, since YouTube is a granddaddy of video online. In fact, there is 300 hours’ worth of video content are pushed to YouTube every minute which makes YouTube becomes a huge library of video’s content. This helped many people to launch their career and personal brand.

  1. Smart, shareable &personal: Facebook  Video

If YouTube is already satisfying, why waste your time to look on other video content platform? The reason is due to YouTube enormous capacity that caused fierce competition videos on YouTube, where every video is struggling to be watched makes it’s going to get noisy. While Facebook is the best way to reach any fans at scale since they are having an enormous amount of targetable consumer data. However, the right idea of uploading the video natively in Facebook is not by copying and pasting a link to YouTube on Your Facebook, this is because when you upload a video on Facebook, the chances for your video is being watched by community are much higher than just copying a link. It makes Google and Facebook now become a good rival.

  1. Snapchat Video is the Hottie at the Gym: It’s All About Attention

Snapchat users now have growth as more than 60% of teenagers and adult smartphone users are Snapchatters in US. Moreover, it’s the only platform which you can draw creative on top of the video and when someone takes a screenshot of a snap, the sender will be infomed with a notification that also can tell the sender the amount of the screenshots taken. In addition, Snapchat feature permits users to acquire content from media companies which makes a very aggressive place with the overall user interface of the app.