The Next Stage of SEO

the next stage of SEO

The development of SEO has growth in the last five years as the development of technology is also developed in speed. Come to this reality, we cannot assure that this industry will stay the same with what they are now. In fact, if it is continuous to be developed at its current speed, we can presume the landscape to look completely different again by 2020.

In fact, mostly popular products end as regular products because of the mainstream which makes them become part of our daily lives. Products that are reviewed as cool or extreme eventually become main stream. Typically, these are identified and highlighted before they become domestic by Google. That is why the enhancement is needed to prevent this condition. Some of the enhancements that are predicted for SEO are mostly about its content. Google is considering creating specific algorithm that can allow better content in order to embrace more people to be interested with the content.

  1. more voice search

Half of teen population in the US have used voice search. This new way is predicted to be one of SEO future content. In fact, Google are establishing voice search potentials that identify quantities of accents and directions. Voice Search will impact keywords and shall give priority to phrases; this in turn will change the way we optimize website content.

  1. more mobile

Today where every people connect with their gadgets, therefore SEO will be targeted to be more mobile. Besides, we have to be more careful when conducting keyword research, since this is the opposite condition for desktop, desktop traffic continues to convert better for many and we can see this in our results as desktop conversion still outperforms mobile. Moreover, with the increased development in mobile sites and apps causes mobile as a conventional strategy.

So, for those who want to start your first experience into more mobile, what you need to do first is to arrange your thought into mobile mind which will lead you to the search of inspirational keywords for your mobile targets.

  1. more images and videos

The last prediction about SEO is converting text into images and videos, as image is another way to deliver meanings. For this purpose, Google announces that they now have the ability to describe images and automatically produce captions once they see a picture. This is because the advancements that are made by Google over the past decades have made it becomes a machine intelligence in describing images, video, and language.