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Powerful Combination of Fabulous CSS3 and jQuery

CSS3 and jQuery-how powerful they are

Finding the right design tools for your special needs can be troublesome sometimes, and if you are currently in this kind of situation, why don’t you try to mix several design tools that may comply your needs, we recommend you to try the mix of CSS3 and jQuery. If you are web designers who wondering about the benefits of its combination, you can find it out on the article below. Here we are starting it by explaining their definitions first.

What is CSS3

CSS3 is the latest version after CSS2, the interface designing language that offers a multitude of new ways to create an impactful web design incorporating some of the best way and highly important changes. This software has made limitless possibilities to the world. When it is first launched, CSS versions were quite large, therefore this time it is divided into smaller including: lists module, box model, hyperlink presentation, text effect, background borders and etc. If you are interested in learning them, you can find some via CSS3 website designs tutorials. CSS3 can be used as web design resources as it introduces a wide array of effective and powerful tools.

What is jQuery

Another web design resource which is part of JavaScript framework is jQuery. jQuery is created to make easier the process of using JavaScript on your website. Moreover, it also has some syntactical shortcuts that make it cannot be replaced with JavaScript. In fact, it is more like an abstraction layer. It can be said that amongst all of JavaScript tools, jQuery is the most powerful and simplest web design because of its beautiful framework.

Benefits of CSS3 and jQuery Combination

jQuery and CSS3 have been built for the intention of creating websites that are suitable on different platform and browsers, so that website will be easier to load.  Moreover, due to its independency and versatile features, both of them have become the most preferred scripts when it comes to website building.

Therefore, mixing the usage of both jQuery and CSS3 will provide you with extra benefits, such as listed below:

  • Ranking: To get a rank on various search engine platform that are highly advanced like Google, Yahoo etc., both layouts and good designs are important. The website will be readable, clear formatted and semantic. If these important factors are in place than all the content marketing or social strategies will work. Otherwise all the efforts will be drained down. Both these scripts can be read well, are compatible across a range of web browsers and often a top choice of good ranking.
  • Browsing Enhanced: Some of the features also enable to support offline browsing on your website. In fact, your website will act like an app even when offline. You readers will be able to read and browse on the go when offline and the cache feature ensure a faster and hassle free performance in such cases.
  • Platform Independency: Both the scripts offer very consistent and reliable platform independency feature and can be supported by all the major and latest releases of web browsers.
  • Cost Effective: The codes are reusable ad thus significantly decrease the cost of development and maintenance. The hybrid approach is quiet effective in today’s time.
  • Business Intelligence gets easier: It has become a lot easier, impactful and accurate with the release of latest versions. They can collate and make use of available data as well as track user’s movement.

7 Ways to Boost User Engagement on Your Website

great tips to Drive User Engagement on Your Website

Many people attempt to develop a website to do their business better, but most of them may forget the core of website which is “user engagement” as your website will only leave as nothing if the whole of the web itself does not consider how it can engage its users. Therefore if you work in SEO service or website development, then considering how to create user engagement may be necessary, here are some of the wonderful tips about how to create it.

Use Visual Storytelling

One of the best ways to engage with your users is through visual storytelling, this concept may be not easy as it will demand you to be creative and put you on your thinking cap in order to produce an interesting website. One of the good examples is Every Last drop website; this website conveys a story on their website through a creative way which is by scrolling the site.

Choose Card-Based Design

No other thing which is as good as card design when it comes to provide information on a website, especially for mobile devices. This is because card-based design can present information in a compact, animated way and provide great user’s interaction which will lead your website to a good user engagement.

Prefer More on Clutter-Free Interface

In order to drive user engagement on your website, a clutter-free interface is the best way to make it happened. Create balance between the visual elements and text on the site to make it readable for users. Moreover, you need to remember that sufficient white space is needed so that users can easily reach the information that they wish to have.

Fresh Images is the best

Creating a fresh image may demand for a lot of time and effort, this causes many people just take images from many online sources, this  may not false but this is not good either as people will surely feel that they have seen a resemble image elsewhere. Therefore, create original images is better, as even though it consumes your time but for long term it will increase your credibility in return.

Replace Flash with HTML 5

These days, HTML 5 is the most favorable platform as it offers more interesting features and functionalities. HTML 5 has surely beaten Flash with its advantages since it is often used for creating a scalable, responsive websites. Moreover HTML 5 is also provided with so many advantages to make a website “platform independent” and increase user engagement by:

  • Using a number of text inputs and various fields which attract your users to create interesting forms on your website.
  • Producing more interactive content on your webpages with the <canvas> element that allows a number of animated interactions for the users. This will keep people’s attention when they visit your website.
  • Get native support for audio and video elements by using HTML 5 which will allow users for not being bothered with download request when they try playing the audio or video on your website.

 Apply a Hero Image

If you wish for having a minimal, responsive websites, the hero image is the best advice for your need as this kind of site will present a large photograph or video with only a few lines of text or headline that surely will draw user’s attention. Moreover, you need to apply a color palette that nicely represents your brand or business and displays it in a high resolution is a good technique. While for the typography selection you can choose and apply a large and preferably custom font to explain the product features and service shortly.

Call to Action Elements more than once

If you create a website just for your hobbies, call to action buttons may not be important, but if you intend to have a website for business, such as SEO service or online shop, call to action buttons on your websites will be one of the crucial things as this thing will turn your visitors to be your customers. That is why having more than one call to action is a good way or you can place buttons on the top fold of the page and the bottom fold of the page which is aimed to remind users to take a call to action.