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The Importance of Social Signals to Your SEO


If you are a SEO or webmaster and would like to increase the traffic, you need to evaluate on things that you always focus on. As there are many SEOs and Webmasters that reinforce their works on off page and on page strategy only while they put aside the job of social signals in SEO. While the optimization of Social signals is as necessary as the other factors that can support the success of SEO service, therefore below article is presented to explain how social signals can impact on your SEO service result.

Increased Traffic

Organizing traffic to come to your websites can be the best way for SEO, especially if the traffic comes from your effort in social media. Surprisingly, even though this worried some SEOs and webmasters, but no follow links still drive traffic. Actually, they may be more valuable than ever as no follow links from your social media profiles can be a real asset. Besides, it lets Google knows that your site is being discussed about. This is where the real value comes into play as it depends on how good your content is, the better your content is the more traffic that you will likely to gain, and it is because people will share information that seems interesting and important to their needs.

Social Link Building

Obtaining natural links is the main point that every SEO aims to have, even though today it becomes more difficult to receive. However, if you can get an inherent authority from trusted social media platforms, you can have a golden ticket for improving your online visibility and leveraging your drive traffic but you need to ensure that your landing pages are fully optimized to catch, and track any traffic coming in from social channels. Take a good hard look at your social profiles and bios, and make sure they’re optimized for optimal results with links back to your main website.

Increased Domain Authority

Even though, there is no real data which can proof that the idea of social signals can increase domain authority, but Backlinko’s ranking factors shows that there is a possibility for social signals to bring good influence domain authority since the amount of traffic which is sent to your site from credence social platforms will strengthen the value and reputation of your site.

Tapping into the Social Chatter

No one doubts about the power of social signals for your SEO service as this can be one of the most influencing strategy for a successful SEO service. Therefore, remember to keep engaged with your social media contacts by commenting on social media posts or any forums which are related to your business as even though its value is not stated by Google, but it is clear enough that social has a significant part to your SEO.

How to Improve Businesses Through Twitter ?

There are several types of Social Media tools for business, but Twitter is the most under-used and misunderstood that ever use. No matter what any business you have in mind, there are several things need to prepare when you involved to the world of Tweets. Basically of course, real-time connectivity and be part of conversation that’s going within daily basis industry. If you are thinking of expanding power of Twitter, here is some benefits to keep in mind:

  • You may participate in Industry Conversation. You will connect to not only the same industry you’re on, but also you can reach your target audience and their needs regarding the material you discussing. To put it simply, it is like a virtual mixer.
  • Increase visibility and brand awareness. With Twitter, you can make sure that your brand is always on people’s minds. It doesn’t matter what you are promoting or which industry you are in, because tweets make sure that everyone is thinking of your company when it matters.
  • Engage and interact on your audience’s level. In today’s world, you can’t wait for people to come to you. You have to reach out to them. People like companies that make the effort to reach out and get personal. Establishing that personal connection with your audience will be invaluable to your success.
  • Promotions and sales are easy to get out there. You don’t have to pay for advertising when you use your tweets to tell people about specific sales, promotions, and specials that you have going on. It’s quick and easy to drive traffic to whatever event you have planned, and makes people feel the exclusivity and personal connection when you use a medium like this.
  • Feedback is important to raise the quality of any business you run, of course there’ll be consequences that need to act such as time needed to implement the needed after feedback gathered. Sometimes feedback also helps to lower some unnecessary expense that mentioned by customers. What you need to have whenever face feedbacks is Patience. Because sometimes some nasty sentences such as critics could spilled out from impolite customers.


These are just a few different benefits of using Twitter for your business. There are plenty of different perks to social networking in the business world, but the close, personal connection that it allows you to make with your audience is the bottom line every time. Before you rule out social media or take the “it’s not for businesses” stance, do your homework because Twitter can often be the difference that gives you the competitive edge.

How Social are your Website ?

Sometimes when we already build a website, we question ourselves either “How crowded the visitors will it be ?” or “How customized users to our website ?”. Sometimes things like this important for common visitors to spread the news of the website. But, regarding this matter, comes up new question which confuse the owner of the website “How ?”

When we hear word “Social” our best option is through social media. But this thing is actually just a very small part yet big support of our website.  So what will be the big part of Social ? That’s the thing we will be discusses further. We thinking about both offline social and social media could involve in. So, social media itself not enough to convince customers to visit the website.

What would it be great for offline social to be involve in ? Of course this including how big you are involve or sacrifice for the website, activity such as offline advertisement will help greatly to community to gather. Things that benefit from offline social is one thing to help community have a direct experience. Which, after all that expand by Social Media.

Things that we need to remember when trying to market the website through Social Media is :

  1. What kind of Social Media you want to share?
  2. Which target you are trying to get ?
  3. How is the link between social media and website made ?

As we know, there’s a few Social Media that famous nowadays, but those Social Media also have their own way to advertise any post for their customers. There’s by images, long posts, short quotes or even more into formal type.

For next option is Target. Some social media doesn’t really supports this feature or sometimes even have to pay. This is optional things, so don’t get hopes too high from this. No matter what will be happens, the website itself will be spread around any target the website got.

Last one and the most important part is how to link between Social Media and website. What you have to know is when you trying to put in Social Media, means you have to update both website and Social Media for any announcement. Because, when one of them is not published, the customers will goes disappointed and stay away from social media.

The more social media you link it, the more spreading your website will it be. Because one thing you have to know, one person doesn’t hold all kind of social media’s account. So whenever the website link to all Social Media, the customers have options to where they want to link and be updated.

Of course, active point is needed, the lesser update the lesser customers will it be to stay update on that Social Media you’re linked it. By active point, there’s a few way we can use, such as often greet the customers or share often online event or event Tips that connected to the website itself.