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How to Discover Your Online Reputation

How to monitor your online reputation

Internet says everything and anything, no wonder that many people will search for lots of stuffs in the internet. If you are doing business whatever it is, oil company or SEO service maybe, you may wonder how it says about your company and its reputation and what people will find if they search for your company, since online reputation really plays an important role in determining your company success. Below are several ways that you can follow to monitor your online reputation.

Search for Yourself

The simplest way to figure out your online reputation is by searching for yourself and read through the first few pages of results. In fact, you can also keep an up to date spreadsheet with a list of links that are ranking for your name. Apparently, many tools, such as BrandYourself can be used to help organize and catalog this information. The potential downfall of this strategy is its repetitive nature.  The best way to monitor your online reputation would require some automation.


Another way to collect information about your online reputation is by using tools, for example IFTT, Hootsuite, and Google Alerts, to automate internet monitoring for mentions of you and your company’s name. In fact, there are many more software solutions like this, but one thing that you should know that this kind of tools may pick up a lot of innocuous or irrelevant data, so you may get a bunch of data which haven’t been filtered yet.

Defamation Monitoring

You can also try to do the defamation monitoring which works by crawling specific sites where negative content is likely to appear and automatically send alerts. Moreover, this software will notify your PR teams whenever a brand is negatively mentioned; it could also provide applications in the consumer market for professionals who want to avoid any harmful information about them online.

4 Ways of How Being Sensitive Can Help You Find out New Ideas

4 Ways of How Being Sensitive Can Help You Find out New Ideas

As a blogger or SEO service, providing a good content is the best way for getting many visitors. If find out the ideas for getting it is such a big problem for you, then you can read the article below for being inspired, as small ways such as being sensitive is actually the biggest solution for you.

Be Sensitive to What You Watch

Many of us sometimes miss the opportunity of looking a potential content idea to take the advantage of. For example, Moz article discusses a case study of a travel industry site. In fact, more than 100 editorial links from high publication websites were gained through content marketing efforts.

The main purpose is to figure out something which is related with your business that remains unexplored in a contextual format.

So how to get inspire with a certain topic?


  • Find good piece of attraction in your industry
  • Write a post about it


  • You are in the pet industry
  • List down top 5 meet-up places of dog owners in your area.

Be Sensitive to Seasonal Events

There are several blog posts that will offer you a good idea in time sensitive industries. When the season is approaching people will go crazy about it and to make their participation unique and stand out they will conduct a research about it.

Because of the users first action is to search online, so be sure you have already prepared the information they need in advanced. By doing this, you can promote your content that can earn user engagement.


  • Ask people in your industry of the much awaited event happening yearly.
  • Write a post about it.


  • You are in pet industry
  • There is a parade or show happening in 2016 in your area.
  • 10 participants interviewed for Dog parade in Seattle 2016.

Be Sensitive of what you read

Many people will use reading activity as ideas that they can use for their next blog post. The idea is to educate yourself by reading and come up with unique ideas you can use, such as the SEO tools article written by Brian Dean of Backlinko. You can replicate this idea to your own industry if you are in the social media industry, graphics industry or writing industry, you can replicate this idea to your own industry.


  • Find list-type articles in a neighborhood industry
  • Write content similar to it your industry


  • You write an article about 10 weird behaviors of cats at night
  • You can write about 10 weird behaviors of dogs at night.

Be Sensitive of Recent Trends

Find out today industry trends will definitely be a good source for your topic ideas. People in your industry will be talking about it and searching for it. Moreover, it can be a good chance of driving massive traffic to a website because go viral is next to it.

Keep your piece of content attractive, and avoid it from boredom. In fact, you can make your website become a go to when it comes to recent trends.

Remember to make your blog post outstanding by using insightful information such as asking questions to experts in your industry.

You can do this by:

  • Sending them a personalized emails asking their personal opinion about certain trends
  • Ask the experts on social networks
  • Ask people in your communities

Why You Should Invest in Multilingual Digital Marketing

Why you should invest in multilingual digital  marketing

If you have always been in local marketing, trying to go international can be a good idea, as you can reach a wider amount of people than before. However, there are some points that you should consider before determining to develop international digital marketing, such as SEO services. One of them is by committing to invest in multilingual digital marketing as there are several reasons why you need to invest in it.

  • It opens Up New Business Markets

If some of us are usually using English language in our article, you may need to change a better approach, such as using a specific language as it may reach a wider people as a particular people in a particular place is more familiar with their mother tongue language rather than English. By doing this, it means that you explore to new markets. This is because for more than 50% of the content on the internet, only 27% of global internet users are English-speaking as their native language, or in other words more than 70% of target market will not read your article if it is written in an English-driven approach to digital marketing.

  • It is Cost Effective

Because the activities are done in digital worlds, so you would not need to build an effective business in new territories without having a physical on the ground presence. Can you imagine if you expand international business or market, you may need to pay for physical office, warehouse, or distribution center in many areas, while for multilingual digital marketing, you only need to hire new employees, such as professional translator for your web content, or web development to support this, and someone who understands multilingual marketing and also the one who understands the market in a certain area.

  • Many Competitors are Ignoring Non-English Speaking Audiences

According to research almost fifty percent of fortune 500 companies haven’t translated their websites into more than one language, with the default generally being English. This means, they assume that every people in the world can understand English language fluently, while the fact that only small amount of people who can really understand it. As a smart marketer you can see this opportunity as a chance to get more people through your Multilanguage website. Besides, this is perhaps the strongest justification for starting to plan and implement an international digital marketing strategy now. This is an idea that you can work on it while your competitors might ignore it.

  • It can Bring ‘Quick SEO Wins’

There is no denying that organic search still has an important role to deliver outstanding value and a great return on investment. Unless you have a specific reason not to, which some subdirectories on a domain which Google to earn rankings across the already trust on English search engines can be a quick way to earn ranking across the language-specific search engines in your newly targeted territories. Therefore, if you try to run an international SEO strategy, you need to be more familiar with the likes of hreflang as there’s far more to this approach than simply adding a translation into subdirectories. Even though, it may be time-consuming since you have never managed an international strategy before, but for the long term, it can produce you with substantial amounts of traffic and revenue.