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The Most Effective Ways to Respond to Negative Reviews

The most effective ways to respond to negative reviews - YWF

Online review is one of the most important factors that can help your online business reach more trust or vice versa. This is because 84% of consumers trust an online review as much as they would a personal referral. This makes good reviews are welcome and bad reviews are feared by the business owners. Actually, bad reviews do not always have to be bad; in fact, it can be good things if you know how to utilize it. Below are some of the tips that can guide you to turn bad reviews into good opportunity. If you are online entrepreneur or web developer, you might need these tips.

Stay Positive
No one wants to get attacked by a customer, but no one can avoid themselves from negative review. So, what is the best way to cope with this negative review? First of all, do not attack your reviewer. In fact, approach all of the negative reviews with a calm, positive attitude. By performing this behavior, you let customer know that you’ve heard their concerns, without even pointing fingers on them.

The point is not to make your customers feel like the victim, even if you’re not wrong. Furthermore, don’t ignore the review as it will show that your business cares about its customers.

Offer a Solution
When something bad happens, simply offering an apology to your customer won’t do. Your customers want a solution to their problem. Therefore, you need to explain through your respond how you will fix the problem.

Reiterate Your Company’s Policies
Ordinary people will worry a lot on negative comments and they will try their best to avoid that kind of comment. But, wise people know that it is impossible to make everyone happy. So, the only way to conquer negative comments is by turn the bad comments into the positive ones. For example, you can respond by saying, “We’re sorry you had a poor experience. We’ve been doing business for several years and most of our customers leave happy. We’re sorry we didn’t meet your expectations this time around.”

Take the Conversation Offline
Since your negative reviews will be read by many people, so you need to respond immediately on the same platform. However, some things can’t be addressed online; for example, your customer’s personal information should be discussed in private or over the phone. Therefore, you need to provide a direct contact for your customers when addressing these types of negative reviews.

Ask for an Update
Don’t hesitate to ask for an updated review after you solved the problem. So, once you’ve solved the customer’s issue, politely ask them if they’ll update the review online. You can ask them politely, such as “we appreciate your feedback, and would like other customers to know how we’ve solved your issue. Would you mind updating your review to reflect this?” Then, make sure that you thank them for their feedback.

A Codekit Review

CodeKit review

Checking whether a code already does great sometimes frustrates web developer, since they must search through a long line of code which can hurt their eyes. But today there are many applications that can help them avoiding this kind of situation, one of the latest apps is Codekit, this programming tool can also be applied in many devices such as Mac, OS X, iOS 6+, Windows 7+ and Android. So, whatever your device is applying CodeKit can be one of your good choices.

What is CodeKit?

Codekit is a task manager that helps you to automate code compiling for popular preprocessor languages. You also can easily deploy code as Codekit for all intents and purposes manages projects akin to Grunt.js and Gulp.js and works with Bower. It is known as a more comfortable platform to many users as it only requires for dragging and dropping approach. In fact, setting up a project requires simply drag and dropping a folder onto Codekit.

Who is Codekit for and is it worth it?

CodeKit is aimed for doing everyman’s task manager. For those whose search for using Sass or Less will probably love Codekit as it focuses on coding and not setup. For the first try you may find that Grunt is quite frustrating. Later, when CodeKit 2 was released, it feels a bit different from its previous one as its more polished and powerful. Moreover, its fun and quick to use. Here are some detail reviews about CodeKit:

Final thoughts

  • CodeKit 2 feels like brand new product compared 1.0
  • Libsass is super fast Sass compiling!
  • Massively improved server.
  • Cleaner user interface.
  • Bower Package Management
  • Animated CSS injection
  • Easy project configuration
  • No more file watch limit
  • Compass is built in and can be manually configured
  • Codekit Config files can be distributed with project
  • Very low learning curve!
  • Faster than Codekit 1 or Prepros 4
  • External encoders
  • Less resource intensive when idling than Grunt
  • Easy to read Error Log


  • Must make current project active
  • Server isn’t as robust as Prepross or GhostLab
  • Grunt is free and once you get over the configuration hump, more flexible and powerful.
  • Trouble shooting esoteric errors will probably land you at my blog
  • No built in FTP support

Fascinating Features in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe CS 6

Adobe Photoshop may sound familiar in your ear, and now they have made the version of CS6 which some of you may have known about it. As it is stated before, adobe Photoshop has reached its latest version, CS6.  The development of it is surely will satisfy its users, especially if you are a web designer. However, if you still don’t know what actually CS6 can offer you can find out by reading the article below.

Acceleration in Photoshop CS6

CS6 provides tremendous acceleration in many areas. Therefore, the liquefy filter, previously a sluggish experience, is created to provide smooth, real-time smearing even with brushes up to the new maximum limit of 15,000 pixels; the new oil paint feature adds a paint-like texture, with controls that operate on the full-screen preview in real time. But all of the above advantages can only be optimized when you have a fast enough processor and graphics card, although CS6 can also be operated on windows XP/Mac OS X 10.6 with just 1 Gb RAM, but a better RAM, help you operating it well.

The new features

No one will ever doubt about CS6 interface, as it presents you with four base colors, from near-black to pale grey, so you have more colors than in the Photoshop. Everything has been subtly tweaked, from the hundreds of redesigned icons (the Pen and Lasso tools now indicate their active hotspots more clearly) to a crisper, more consistent layout.

Photoshop CS6 Filters

If you expect to find a new tool in Photoshop CS6, you will find a Content-Aware patch tool, which takes the technology introduced in CS4 (Content-Aware Scaling) and CS5 (Content-Aware Fill) and extends it to a tool that allows us to select move or extend objects in a scene, patching their original location more or less seamlessly. In practice, the results depend very much on having the right image, it’s a great idea, but doesn’t always come up with the goods. Moreover, a major new filter is Adaptive Wide Angle, which allows you to correct camera distortion simply by drawing over lines that should be straight. It even can stitch panoramas with multiple perspectives to be corrected into a single landscape shot.