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How to Increase Mobile App Downloads

How to increase mobile app downloads

If you are an expertise in making apps, but are wondering how you can get more download? Well, learn about SEO can be a good idea. In fact, SEO service as well as ASO (App store optimization) can help you to generate more downloaders. This is in line with a 2013 study by Nielsen which revealed that over 60% of users find and ultimately download an app they found while searching in the internet. So, wait no more to optimize your website and see your selling increase rapidly.
The first stage is to create a website that has been optimized for the search engines (SEO). A good selling site should include your app, show in-app screenshots and videos of how the app works, an FAQ page, and a contact form. Moreover, you are encouraged to place testimonial and reviews if you have some to share and don’t forget to link to the app stores where users can download the app. And the last but not the least is too make your site becomes more responsive so that users can view it easily on any device. Another important technique to increase more traffic and broaden the chance of people to download your app is through incorporating a blog on the site and regularly adding new content will help your rankings on the search engines.
Further step is to discover a list of keywords that you want to target which is very significant for the SEO. For example if your app is about learning English language, good keywords that you might want to come up with are “apps that make your English grammar better”, ”best apps for English lessons”, etc. You surely want to incorporate then on your new website, blog posts, social media postings, and app store pages, once you have a variety of phrases that pertain to your app.
This keywords lesson can also be applied when you want to optimize your app store pages in iTunes and Google Play in hopes of ranking higher and placing prime real estate on the top charts. For example, use the app description as a media for convincing the user that your app is worth downloading.
After your site and app store pages are optimized, you can expand your optimization to websites, publications, and YouTube reviewers which often review apps. Finally, you can also get a backlink from a reputable website to help your rankings or a more tricky way is to offer your app download for free in return for a backlink to your site or app store page.

5 Changes on How We Develop Websites Caused By SEO

5 Changes on How We Develop Websites Caused By SEO

Do you notice that the way web developers build a website has changed? At some point, there are things that should be considered recently which are related with SEO to elevate your business reach in Google. Below are several things that have changed the way we develop websites.

  1. Time Is of the Essence

Time is one of the most crucial things since SEO becomes the concern. Savvy business reduces many things on their websites just to increase the speed on their site; therefore they no longer use heavy music and images and optimize every element on their page-including using content delivery networks and compression techniques. They truly understand that site which requires long time to load will cause 25 percent of your visitors to leave your site immediately before they can even reach it; that’s how important load times have become.

  1. Websites are Built on Keywords

In the old days, you only need to create web pages that explain about your products or services, and then wait for people to visit your website. But, today you need to create blog or to create pages that show sales material and indirectly promote your business. This is why keyword research industries to find the most relevant keywords, and then we create content for them. Blogs are not just an important way to share news, but also to rank for specific keywords that drive prospects to your website.

  1. Mobile Users Are Number One

Nowadays, nobody will doubt about how mobile users will affect your SEO optimization, since over 60 percent of all online traffic is from mobile devices. Due to this, Google tries to obligate every web to go mobile and penalize those who are not being mobile friendly.

  1. User Experience is Pivotal

Another thing that you should study is how to make a better user experience to your audience, since high bounce rates can result in Google lowering your ranking, while intense competition means if your website isn’t functional and easy to use on all devices, people will leave your site and go elsewhere.

  1. You can Have a Framework to Follow

Some people argue that SEO has made web developers work harder, but the fact is with good SEO optimization on your website, it helps your site run effectively. Besides, you can get many free tools that help you manage, monitor, and improve your website for SEO, such as Google analytics, Google search console, Google Keyword Tool Planner, Google Page Insights, and Google Mobile Friendly Test.