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Knowing What Is Augmented Reality and Its Implementations


Augmented reality is a new digital phenomenon that changes the environment around you into a digital interface. It places virtual objects in the real world and in real-time. Therefore, it provides the power of learning and technology together.

Nowadays, you can experience augmented reality through a wide variety of activities. This is because AR aims to simplify human’s lives by combining virtual information to surroundings view of real environment. The usage of AR is limited for Mobile. Although, it also works on some desktop browsers but it doesn’t produce the same experience as a smartphone did. That is why this area is mostly developed by mobile apps developers.

In general, there are 3 main categories of augmented reality (AR) that you can distinguish:

Augmented Reality 3D viewers
This type of AR allows users to locate life-size 3D models in your environment with or without the use of trackers. Trackers are better known as simple images that 3D models can be applied to in Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality Browsers
This AR’s type will enhance your camera display with contextual information. Hence, you can display any history or estimated value of one building only by pointing your smartphone at it.

Augmented Reality for Gaming
The last and maybe the most popular way to experience Augmented Reality is through gaming. Have you ever heard or played Pokémon? This game utilizes your actual surroundings and has become very popular because of it.

All of these 3 categories have been applied to many fields of lives. Hence, in this article, we would like to broaden your knowledge about the implementation of AR. Below are some of the good examples of AR that you can learn for:

Augmented Car Finder
If you often forget where you park your car, augmented car finder can be a good idea for you. Augmented Car Finder will help you identify location of your vehicle in a maze of parking lots. The apps will show a marker where your car is parked; it also shows the distance between you and your car’s location. Moreover, it will guide you to reach your car area.

With Layar, you can connect digital content with the real world. There are many more advantages that you can get through Layar. For instance, magazines come alive with videos right on the page, easily buy items with direct mobile shopping links, connect with links to web content and share items on social  media, and browse and view thousands of Geo Layers to find stuff nearby, like ATMs, restaurants, historical locations.

EyeDecide AR app
AR implementations are also developed in healthcare industry. One of them is EyeDecide AR app. EyeDecide AR app is created to provide patient-engagement tools for healthcare providers. Developers can use the camera to simulate the vision of a patient. Here are some basic features of this app:

  1. Leverage interactive anatomical models to enhance patient understanding.
  2. Effectively educate patients by comparing normal and abnormal images and using 3D animation videos of most common conditions.
  3. Improve patient and surgical retention by helping patients make more informed decision about the care.


5 ways to Make Users Download Your Apps


Many people predict that mobile is the future of information media, this is because people tend to spend their time watching their smartphone rather than watching their television or PC. Due to this, anyone who wishes to expand their business should have their mobile presence in the market by doing mobile development and creating apps that can represent their business and make their business transaction becomes more efficient. If you are a mobile developer, you can try several ways below to help your apps get more download.

  1. Advertisements and Incentives

Developing a smartphone device only is not enough without having proper online marketing strategy, since there are so many smartphone devices out there who are available for so many different categories. Your app works the same with your devices, it can get hopelessly lost for so many different reasons. So how can you make your app stands out among so many different app every day? Strategic marketing technique is one of the solutions. Social media, testers, forums, and eMails are one of the best ways for expanding the user base or you can offer promotions, incentives, and giveaways to attract more users. You can also combine all techniques, such as SEO, posting contents on popular blogs, PR posts, and others for introducing, popularizing, retaining, and increasing consumers.

  1. User’s Experience

Since satisfying your users is the main goal for, therefore it is important for offering a device which is flawless and tested for bugs and other issues because you user will never offer you a second chance to impress them once you disappoint them. Remember, in order to make users want to download your app, you must have no faulty designs, features, and complications, also you need to prevent creating any slow and difficult to navigate apps.

  1. Updates and Push Notification

Mobile is the most dynamic technology nowadays; this causes many app trends and apps market continuously changing and frequently introducing many innovative features and designs, therefore, it is highly recommended to update your device regularly with these changes for continuous user engagement, and win the competition.  Other smart way is by using Push notifications to inform users with new updates. Push notifications are a way to interact, inform, and attract users.

  1. App Reviews

Generally, app users will use app reviews to inform the users about your device, and act accordingly to reviews, comments, and ratings. Therefore, bad reviews, negative comments, and low ratings will send users away from your device.  The only way to get good reviews, comments, and ratings is by producing apps which deliver values and offer useful and user-friendly features.

  1. Useful Retail Apps Feature

Placing useful features on your device is one of the great ways which can improve your customer engagement. Don’t forget to use Push notifications to offer coupons, deals, and gift vouchers and inform consumers about these offers, new deals, events, discounts, updates, and new arrivals. Barcode scanning feature in your device can also help you creating better customers’ in store experiences and engagements , this will help your customers in terms of making decision, since your customer will get some useful information on the availability of stocks, prices, colors, sizes, and reviews.

How to Increase Mobile App Downloads

How to increase mobile app downloads

If you are an expertise in making apps, but are wondering how you can get more download? Well, learn about SEO can be a good idea. In fact, SEO service as well as ASO (App store optimization) can help you to generate more downloaders. This is in line with a 2013 study by Nielsen which revealed that over 60% of users find and ultimately download an app they found while searching in the internet. So, wait no more to optimize your website and see your selling increase rapidly.
The first stage is to create a website that has been optimized for the search engines (SEO). A good selling site should include your app, show in-app screenshots and videos of how the app works, an FAQ page, and a contact form. Moreover, you are encouraged to place testimonial and reviews if you have some to share and don’t forget to link to the app stores where users can download the app. And the last but not the least is too make your site becomes more responsive so that users can view it easily on any device. Another important technique to increase more traffic and broaden the chance of people to download your app is through incorporating a blog on the site and regularly adding new content will help your rankings on the search engines.
Further step is to discover a list of keywords that you want to target which is very significant for the SEO. For example if your app is about learning English language, good keywords that you might want to come up with are “apps that make your English grammar better”, ”best apps for English lessons”, etc. You surely want to incorporate then on your new website, blog posts, social media postings, and app store pages, once you have a variety of phrases that pertain to your app.
This keywords lesson can also be applied when you want to optimize your app store pages in iTunes and Google Play in hopes of ranking higher and placing prime real estate on the top charts. For example, use the app description as a media for convincing the user that your app is worth downloading.
After your site and app store pages are optimized, you can expand your optimization to websites, publications, and YouTube reviewers which often review apps. Finally, you can also get a backlink from a reputable website to help your rankings or a more tricky way is to offer your app download for free in return for a backlink to your site or app store page.