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How to Retain your Brand Message from Being Hijacked by Surrounding Content

How to Retain your Brand Message from Being Hijacked by Surrounding Content

Whether you are offline or online marketer, the term of “brand safety” is still in the top of mind for all marketers and advertisers.  In fact, brand safety should also be understood by people who work in SEO service as it relates with the way you convey your content. There are several questions that you can ask before providing brand in your content. These questions relate to how they protect their brands and still keeping their brands point of view.

  1. What measures are being taken to ensure safe contexts?

Your agencies who make decision about the brands should understand that slavish adherence to a singular metric like CPC or CPA will cause long-term brand damage.

In this case, your brands should be able to communicate very well with the agencies. This will make sure that the ads are and will be placed into safe contexts. Moreover, “contexts” here will consider where the ad will be placed and what else appears on that page. To deliver a sound strategy and game plan, you can put it directly on the agency. Then, push them to create some kind of crisis plan in the event something bad arises.

  1. Employ a Context Marketing Strategy

Creating a context doesn’t mean that you create a whole bunch of text. But, a good brand should ensure that they are clear on their ideal behaviors. In the other words, they should seek to manage all aspects of their communication. This is why all brands should have a context marketing strategy. For instances, even though, your brand may attract lots of consumers, but sometimes this is not the context you want your message to be received in.

  1. Is the Brand’s Message Truly at the Right Outlet?

In marketing 101, you are dictated that you should always know your target audience and the media that they consume. Sometimes it will require you to repeat this simple logic; however different environments will suit different brands. For example, you cannot sell your obesity product on Mc Donald’s.

Therefore, it is important to match the creativity with the sense and tone of the outlet you’re advertising on. For example, if you put your ads next to ISIS propaganda on YouTube, people would think that the brands are funding terrorism. Therefore, it is better to put away politics in your brand campaign as it will cause big moral dilemmas. In fact, change in political climate will cause consumers to watch brand behavior ever more carefully.

The Face of Digital Marketing in 2016

The Face of Digital Marketing in 2016

As digital world is the most dynamic one, the way marketer promotes their product and service in digital world is also developed. Every now and then, they keep experimenting the best way to reach digital audience’s attention and influence them to buy. We know that this job is not a piece of cake, especially if you are basically not a marketer but need to understand about digital marketing. Here we give you a light review of the face of digital marketing that will become a trend in 2016, so whatever your job is you can use these points as your marketing compass.

  • Visual Story telling will continue to dominate

Since the screen on our mobile is getting bigger and the technology is getting even better, marketing propaganda has led image as the main actors beside text. However, if you utilize SEO service to help your website gets better rank in Google; you still need to consider the amount of your text in your content as Google loves text beyond images, while oppositely images provide a better way for marketers to display their advertisement in a more immersive way to reach and satisfy digital audience.

This is why in 2016; there will be more videos to real-time images of brands but still considering the amount of text on it. The benefits will be for thus who are creative.

  • You need to know your customer better

According to the latest research, people spend nearly two hours a day browsing on their smartphones which make it more challenging for brands to compete in the sea of content. However, it’s not all about being creative, now your content should be also more engaged and personalized; this includes being more timely.

On our platforms, we can start marketing based on insights derived from real people, which means that a brand’s message can be delivered at the right time, to the right person, using the right advice, in the context of what they are doing at the moment. In 2016, marketers should take advantage of what is available to them and really focus on unlocking the power of big data and combining it with creativity. If you get it right, the opportunity is huge.

  • Converting to the ‘elegant sale’

To get people’s attention, ads should struggle to be authentic; and above all, there is an element that should be fulfilled in order to sell products. In fact, cool brand work can sell products, and great DR work can build brands. Therefore, using an elegant sale is the best way to reach more targets in 2016, oppositely, it is way better to reduce destroying the silos by avoiding speaking only about our product or services and brand advertisers are missing a trick by not supporting their brand messages.