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How to Increase Mobile App Downloads

How to increase mobile app downloads

If you are an expertise in making apps, but are wondering how you can get more download? Well, learn about SEO can be a good idea. In fact, SEO service as well as ASO (App store optimization) can help you to generate more downloaders. This is in line with a 2013 study by Nielsen which revealed that over 60% of users find and ultimately download an app they found while searching in the internet. So, wait no more to optimize your website and see your selling increase rapidly.
The first stage is to create a website that has been optimized for the search engines (SEO). A good selling site should include your app, show in-app screenshots and videos of how the app works, an FAQ page, and a contact form. Moreover, you are encouraged to place testimonial and reviews if you have some to share and don’t forget to link to the app stores where users can download the app. And the last but not the least is too make your site becomes more responsive so that users can view it easily on any device. Another important technique to increase more traffic and broaden the chance of people to download your app is through incorporating a blog on the site and regularly adding new content will help your rankings on the search engines.
Further step is to discover a list of keywords that you want to target which is very significant for the SEO. For example if your app is about learning English language, good keywords that you might want to come up with are “apps that make your English grammar better”, ”best apps for English lessons”, etc. You surely want to incorporate then on your new website, blog posts, social media postings, and app store pages, once you have a variety of phrases that pertain to your app.
This keywords lesson can also be applied when you want to optimize your app store pages in iTunes and Google Play in hopes of ranking higher and placing prime real estate on the top charts. For example, use the app description as a media for convincing the user that your app is worth downloading.
After your site and app store pages are optimized, you can expand your optimization to websites, publications, and YouTube reviewers which often review apps. Finally, you can also get a backlink from a reputable website to help your rankings or a more tricky way is to offer your app download for free in return for a backlink to your site or app store page.

The 4 Principles of Link Building

link building

No one will argue about the importance of link building, a good amount of link building will help your SEO. So, have you checked your link building quality? There are 4 guiding principles of link building that can be applied in your SEO service.

  1. Ask Yourself, “Am I Worth Linking to?”

The first principle that makes people come into your shop is that because they sell you something that they want to buy and it works the same with your website, never expect inbound links if your website has nothing of worth to say. Before you obsess about the number of back links, get back to basics and ensure your website is worth linking to. While that means a well-structured, easy-to-navigate site, with sufficient internal linking and good coding, it primarily means quality content. Tell people who you are, what you do, how they can buy from you/sign up to you/ join you; then tell them again! And tell them with well-written, grammatically correct, interesting content.

  1. Don’t Sit Back on Your Laurels

Having a great place to link to you is not enough; you have to regularly update that content to ensure people continue to link to you, and to keep attracting new links. Become an actively participating member of your community or industry by updating product information, posting comments and viewpoints on your industry, publishing press releases or white papers – however you do it, keep doing to.

  1. Be a Link Friendly Site

Be clear about your desire for quality inbound links by considering creating a ‘link to us’ page, explaining the sort of companies /websites who have some interests in liking you, and how they can do it such as which URLs and anchor text they can use. To feature a good spread of anchor text possibilities, you should keep this page updated.

  1. A Good Link Building Should Base on Merit

You can use the old school approach as you start searching for quality links. Remember to always use relevant keywords to your business and search for related websites. Then filter your findings until you get the most relevant and those with the best Google PageRank. Moreover, since nothing can work best in producing link building instead of having merit for your site, so you better have merit for theirs. You have to rely on one part marketing, two parts public relations, and three parts common sense to build a good link building.

4 Ways on How to Safely Earn Four Backlinks

How to Safely Earn Four Backlinks This Weekend

Many experts agree that “domain-level link features” and “page-level link features” are the most influential factors in a site’s ranking. But, SEO services still should consider the inherent dangers of backlinks so keep it clear and helpful as possible is the best way to earn more backlinks. Here are other four simple ways to jumpstart your site, boost your rankings, grow your authority, and make more traffic to your site.

  1. Discover an Influencer and Ask for a Link Reference

Getting a link reference from many influencers marketing is a method that many rely on for link creation. This is a safe method; however, since it relies on personal relationship with the influencer, this can be difficult if you lack a platform.

Somebody can be labeled as an influencer if he or she is famous within your niche. This people can give you lots of suggestion and methodologies, but one of the most powerful methods is link creation where this concept aims to reach out to an influencer and ask for a link to your blog. You can also mention the influencer in your article or link to her content to make the tactic works more effectively.

So, the more amounts of influencers that you can get, the more people you can ask and the better chance of success you will get.

  1. Write One Guest Blog for One Publication

Another tricky way to boost your traffic is through writing a post into a website where you can put your link in the post. This technique is known as guest posting. It seems intimidating to some people as it requires you to do extra work, besides more people will see your article and for some writers it can be a bit scary when you discover that it is so powerful, but this can bring you with lots of benefits. In fact, you can post your own company blog or personal blog there, both is fine.

So, be sure that you always submit your content based on its quality, since not many publications are worthy.

  1. Create a Single Info graphic

Even though, infographic may not as popular as before, but still it is one of the valuable ways to secure your links. Therefore, you still can rely to an infographic online and virtually guarantee hundreds of backlinks. Infographics are actually a type of visual content as such, they are appealing to users, and will retain link value for a long time.

Moreover, creating a powerful infographic is quite simple because all you need is only a designer and an idea. You can even finish the entire process in a day, yet you can use it as a valuable piece of content.

  1. Fix at Least One Broken Link

Avoid having any broken link as possible as you can, a broken link is a page on your site that has moved or been deleted. So, to get it back you should fix the link. There are several ways to fix it:

  • You can use a tool like Domain Hunter Plus or Broken Link Checker to find any broken links on your site.
  • Don’t try to fix the backlinks coming from spam or off-niche sites since you still want the backlink.
  • Prepare for a replacement link that is relevant.
  • Or you can also ask them to fix the link by sending an email to the webmaster of the site.