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8 Brilliant Tips for Developing the Applications for Internet of Things

Important Tips for Developing the Application for the Internet of Things_YWF

Before we go deeper with IoT, it is imperative to understand what Internet of Things (IoT) actually is. Basically, a platform enables the network, the smart device and user to get connected with the internet via a definite identifier. In general, IoT works on an embedded technology to communicate with all external environments. No wonder this thing has been seen as one of the revolutionary mobile app development trends in this generation, as it can manage everything right from an array of cohesive events to number of interconnected devices.

In fact, many have predicted that 2 billion devices will get connected to IOT by 2020, whereas the next five years $6 trillion is expected to be invested in IoT. This shows that Internet of Things have influenced a diverse set of industries to speak of, including the healthcare sector, the entertainment and gaming, automotive, home automation, and logistics. This is why IoT has a great potential in the future.

The Three Pillars of IoT

There are three major pillars which are important to note, regarding to the entire structure of the Internet of Things, such as:

  • Network: Generally network will perform similar function like router does in connecting the network to device. In this case, the devices are linked to the cloud. The infrastructure stationed at data centers will receive information. The things provide the data stream and also manage it. On the other hand, software helps to organize the things.
  • The things in themselves: it acts as Internet Gateway which is regarded as an Internet Gateway that helps other device communication through a single or many protocols. In fact, you won’t see a screen once the device gets connected to the network.
  • The cloud: it is a server that primarily aims for securing users confidential data. So, when users meet a critical juncture, the data will still get processed whereas the processing of a program usually happens during the concluding stages.

Tips for Developing Applications for IoT

Now, you have a better understanding about IoT and you may have lots of apps for the Internet of Things in mind. However, before you create one, you may want to know some factors that you can use as consideration, such as:

  1. Choose an Appropriate and Convenient Platform

The first step that every developer should do is to select the appropriate platform for the development process. One thing for sure, the platform should support the IoT applications and its components. Some platforms that are IoT proven and offer the scope to design the best in class apps are Ubidots, Xively or Thingworx. With the help of these platforms, you don’t have to start anything from the beginning.

  1. Consider the Industry for IoT Application

As stated above that Internet of Things has much widened and extended services, but there are still some fields that aren’t connected with Internet of Things. Therefore, you have to discover set of industries that can optimally connected such as healthcare, transportation, energy resources, sports, manufacturing etc. For instance, with IoT application, people can easily find transportation such as connecting buses or trains.

  1. Segregate Services from API Interface

Bear in mind that you need to separate the services from API interface while you are developing the apps for IoT. This will ensure you to have an app that runs smoothly on mobile and web desktop. You will surely get better opportunity once you manage your IoT applications well.

  1. IoT Data must be Secured Strongly

Every application developer knows about how important a strong secured environment is, especially to IoT data from the physical attacks. In fact, the security becomes more important when it comes to building GPS networks or banking apps.

  1. The Different Levels of IoT Apps

In order to understand the system and function of IoT applications, you have to know the various levels of IoT applications. Basically, there are four different layers; the devices, the ingestion tier, the analytics area and the end-user.

First of all, you have to consider the devices that you will be connecting. Then, you will see the infrastructure or the software receives data or organizes it. The next layer is all about data which actually is mainly processed with the help of analytics area. The last layer is about the end users for whom the app is getting developed.

  1. Keep an Eye on IoT Device Firmware Security

The difference between the Internet of Things from the traditional web and mobile apps is its hardware which is always apprehended to have security based issues in the firmware this is why it is essential to stay authenticated and signed before the update.

  1. Do not Neglect with Speed and Quality

You cannot comprise with the speed and quality at any cost when creating application for the IoT. Therefore, you have to focus on transforming the ideas into practice and provide stable working prototype.

  1. Ensure Scalability to the Application

It is important to build scalable applications since IoT is still a new concept. However, many believe that IoT is going to get bigger than ever with the time to arrive. In fact, having a good scalability will allow your app to remain in light for a long period of time.

In conclusion

Internet of Things is still considered as new comer in the technological area, but we will immediately see it is expanding and reached to a different height. This will surely help people access information easily and get connected one to each other at a  low price. On the other hand, it is also a challenge for the developers as it is different from other conventional methods.

How to Discover Your Online Reputation

How to monitor your online reputation

Internet says everything and anything, no wonder that many people will search for lots of stuffs in the internet. If you are doing business whatever it is, oil company or SEO service maybe, you may wonder how it says about your company and its reputation and what people will find if they search for your company, since online reputation really plays an important role in determining your company success. Below are several ways that you can follow to monitor your online reputation.

Search for Yourself

The simplest way to figure out your online reputation is by searching for yourself and read through the first few pages of results. In fact, you can also keep an up to date spreadsheet with a list of links that are ranking for your name. Apparently, many tools, such as BrandYourself can be used to help organize and catalog this information. The potential downfall of this strategy is its repetitive nature.  The best way to monitor your online reputation would require some automation.


Another way to collect information about your online reputation is by using tools, for example IFTT, Hootsuite, and Google Alerts, to automate internet monitoring for mentions of you and your company’s name. In fact, there are many more software solutions like this, but one thing that you should know that this kind of tools may pick up a lot of innocuous or irrelevant data, so you may get a bunch of data which haven’t been filtered yet.

Defamation Monitoring

You can also try to do the defamation monitoring which works by crawling specific sites where negative content is likely to appear and automatically send alerts. Moreover, this software will notify your PR teams whenever a brand is negatively mentioned; it could also provide applications in the consumer market for professionals who want to avoid any harmful information about them online.

5 Things Instagram Can Do For Your Service-Based Business

How Your Service-Based Business Can Rock Instagram-01(KAMIS 180216)

Mostly people relate instagram as a media for photo sharing, but not many people know that it can be the most powerful social media tool for your business, while in fact, it can. But, because of it focuses on visual content, especially images, the problem comes when your business is not photogenic. Let’s say you run a service which is better heard than seen, for example SEO services, does it mean you cannot use instagram as part of your promotion campaign? Don’t worry because we provide you with some solution here.

Offer Up Tips

Visual content is the way out for your service skills, when you have nothing to show for. In fact, with a strong visual mixed, text can produce valuable social content that your followers will like it.

Show Your Service in Action

Because of no visual product that you can display, so why don’t you show the result of your service? HR block is a good example for this one. The tax preparation company may not have an interesting thing in their office, such stacks of paper everywhere is not fun at all in camera, but they do a great job of showing off what your tax return can do for you.

Check Your Calendar

Make a big day or major events as your main topic, for example, days that you should take into account are holidays, big sports games, anniversaries of famous birthdays, or those fun holidays that always exist every now and then in the internet.

Latch On to a Hashtag

Don’t underestimate the power of hashtag since one of the best ways to get the crowd’s attention is by exploring trending hashtags. It expresses to customers that you’re totally on the same wave length by posting something we can all relate to.

Show What Happens Behind the Scenes

The idea is to get the interesting side related to your work, so if your crew and office is part of the interesting things, why don’t you show it, in fact it may be the main selling point beside your service skills. Moreover, a crowd of pleasing employee can remind your clients that they’re due back for a visit.