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How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Business

Instagram Cheat Sheet: How to Use Hashtags for Your Instagram Posts Properly

I used to not mind all the likes I could get on my Instagram posts and how many people were engaged with my content. However, after having a side business, I realized that using social media is much more than what meets the eye. From social media engagement itself, you can have a chance of getting people to consider buying what you sell. For that reason alone, many business owners start hiring social media services to engage with their potential and returning buyers. Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy because social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, it’s no passing trend. Now with the rise of Instagram use for social media, it has become clearer that Instagram has better potentials for you to increase your brand awareness. Instagram enables a business to sell something more than just products. It can help to build up a better word of mouth. Reaching out to the audience through a platform like Instagram makes the relations with the target audience friendlier. However, reaching more audience and improving engagement with users is not an easy matter especially if you don’t set up social media ads. That being said, there is one of the ways you can ‘cheat’ Instagram marketing strategy without actually cheating if you haven’t got the time to hire a social media specialist; hashtags. Hashtags on Instagram are useful as they help other Instagram users discover your profile, which can ultimately increase the likelihood of obtaining more followers. Contrary to Twitter, using more specific hashtags on Instagram can help build a bigger audience for your business…only if you use it properly. So, how do you use hashtags for your business Instagram account posts and stories? Keep reading to find out!

When using hashtags, here are a few rules you need to know in order to use it properly:

  • Before posting your content, do some hashtag research
  • Find words that are related to your content and your business
  • Look at the number of engagements using the specific hashtags
  • Remember this; hashtags with most posts (like hashtags with million posts) may give you a boost in likes because many people will likely search those specific hashtags; however, there is also a higher chance that your posts that use those hashtags would be ‘cloistered’ and it could be possible that your posts would disappear from those specific hashtags because there would be other new posts coming from other users in just a few seconds since well, many people use those hashtags. Hashtags with thousands up to hundred thousand posts (below a million) may not give you a boost in likes and findings, but you can help people who are looking for what you sell narrow down search results and directly find you. Yes, hashtags like that can improve the possibility of your Instagram posts to be found by people in an easier way. For that reason,
  • It is important to combine both hashtags with most and least engagement in one post
  • You can use up to 30 hashtags and anything beyond that won’t show up in search, but I recommend using at least 15–20. In general, more is better! Go for all 30 if you use them well. Include as many as you can use strategically while staying relevant to your business.
  • Yes, you can use hashtags in your Instagram stories and even your bio! Make use of the right hashtags that are relevant to your business
  • Avoid using irrelevant topics and hashtags no matter how popular and trending those hashtags at the moment

Those are the rules to Instagram hashtag cheat sheet! That way, you don’t really cheat but if you follow those rules, you are on the right path of your business world.

3 Social Media Strategies to Enhance your Marketing by Turning Your Followers into a Loyal Brand Followers


Social media marketing is necessary in every business today; it is usually aimed for inviting more followers which hopefully will end as loyal customers but few of marketers can really turn followers into loyal customers, if you are one of them or you need to know more about social media strategies to enhance your SEO service, you can learn how to turn followers into customers by following several ways below.

  1. Create Personal Messaging

Many marketers think that buyer personas and segmentation is not too important when it comes to social media, since many of them are sending the same tweet out to 10,000 followers which surely will be difficult for marketers to make any personal engagement in the sea of followers.

If you like to turn your ordinary followers into serious buyers, you need to be more serious about their thoughts, needs, desires, and interests of segments of your social audience and remember everyone is unique, so their thoughts, needs, desires, and interest of segments will be different one and another. Then you need to use paid promotion to target specific demographics with your most powerful content.

  1. Send The Right Message To The Right Platform

Since every social media is created to serve different purposes, so your approach should be differentiated from one platform to another platform. Moreover, you also need to know how your audience responds on different platform. The recent research has found that Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are mostly liked by women while Twitter and Google+ are used mostly by men.

  1. Using Google Adwords to Enhance Your Organic Strategies

Every digital marketer knows that organic search-engine optimization is an effort that can cover all your needs. However, at some points, you need extra work, such as paying for a spike in traffic which can be done through pay-per-click strategy to get instant result, since as we know organic search engine optimization will need quite a long time before it can show you a real result, but the positive point is that organic search-engine optimization is free, so, you don’t need to think about any cost which is caused by organic search-engine optimization while in Google Adwords, you will need to advertise near specific searches of keywords and you’ll only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

5 Things Instagram Can Do For Your Service-Based Business

How Your Service-Based Business Can Rock Instagram-01(KAMIS 180216)

Mostly people relate instagram as a media for photo sharing, but not many people know that it can be the most powerful social media tool for your business, while in fact, it can. But, because of it focuses on visual content, especially images, the problem comes when your business is not photogenic. Let’s say you run a service which is better heard than seen, for example SEO services, does it mean you cannot use instagram as part of your promotion campaign? Don’t worry because we provide you with some solution here.

Offer Up Tips

Visual content is the way out for your service skills, when you have nothing to show for. In fact, with a strong visual mixed, text can produce valuable social content that your followers will like it.

Show Your Service in Action

Because of no visual product that you can display, so why don’t you show the result of your service? HR block is a good example for this one. The tax preparation company may not have an interesting thing in their office, such stacks of paper everywhere is not fun at all in camera, but they do a great job of showing off what your tax return can do for you.

Check Your Calendar

Make a big day or major events as your main topic, for example, days that you should take into account are holidays, big sports games, anniversaries of famous birthdays, or those fun holidays that always exist every now and then in the internet.

Latch On to a Hashtag

Don’t underestimate the power of hashtag since one of the best ways to get the crowd’s attention is by exploring trending hashtags. It expresses to customers that you’re totally on the same wave length by posting something we can all relate to.

Show What Happens Behind the Scenes

The idea is to get the interesting side related to your work, so if your crew and office is part of the interesting things, why don’t you show it, in fact it may be the main selling point beside your service skills. Moreover, a crowd of pleasing employee can remind your clients that they’re due back for a visit.