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3 Social Media Strategies to Enhance your Marketing by Turning Your Followers into a Loyal Brand Followers


Social media marketing is necessary in every business today; it is usually aimed for inviting more followers which hopefully will end as loyal customers but few of marketers can really turn followers into loyal customers, if you are one of them or you need to know more about social media strategies to enhance your SEO service, you can learn how to turn followers into customers by following several ways below.

  1. Create Personal Messaging

Many marketers think that buyer personas and segmentation is not too important when it comes to social media, since many of them are sending the same tweet out to 10,000 followers which surely will be difficult for marketers to make any personal engagement in the sea of followers.

If you like to turn your ordinary followers into serious buyers, you need to be more serious about their thoughts, needs, desires, and interests of segments of your social audience and remember everyone is unique, so their thoughts, needs, desires, and interest of segments will be different one and another. Then you need to use paid promotion to target specific demographics with your most powerful content.

  1. Send The Right Message To The Right Platform

Since every social media is created to serve different purposes, so your approach should be differentiated from one platform to another platform. Moreover, you also need to know how your audience responds on different platform. The recent research has found that Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are mostly liked by women while Twitter and Google+ are used mostly by men.

  1. Using Google Adwords to Enhance Your Organic Strategies

Every digital marketer knows that organic search-engine optimization is an effort that can cover all your needs. However, at some points, you need extra work, such as paying for a spike in traffic which can be done through pay-per-click strategy to get instant result, since as we know organic search engine optimization will need quite a long time before it can show you a real result, but the positive point is that organic search-engine optimization is free, so, you don’t need to think about any cost which is caused by organic search-engine optimization while in Google Adwords, you will need to advertise near specific searches of keywords and you’ll only pay if someone clicks on your ad.