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Tips of Better Designing for Mobile App Commerce


Since more and more people have switched to mobile use, many online entrepreneurs should learn how to manage time spent shopping. One of them is to put attention on how your e-commerce is designed. In the given article, we give you several tips that you can follow to create better design for mobile app commerce. If you are a web designer, you may need to read the following tips.

Include Full Product Details and Reviews

Providing your shoppers with everything they wish to know in your design, especially, about your individual product pages on your retail app is a smart way. However, with limited space in mobile, you should put your thinking cap on to avoid any waste space. So, that all the needed information can be displayed thoroughly.

As an example, you can take a look on how amazon fit all the needed information by utilizing long scrolling pages design in the app. Bear in mind to apply customer reviews, this method is really helpful to offer added insight to potential buyers who want to know how people who’ve bought this item have found it. If the world’s biggest online retailer has its product pages set up like this, chances are that it’s for good reasons, and to optimize conversions. Amazon offers designers a great template of how to design a mobile product page for success.

Cool It with the Registration Requests

Register upfront has become a huge barrier to conversion. There’s a high risk that they’ll just leave right then and there. This is also true on the desktop. However, on mobile, your retail-app experience provides much smaller screen real estate, which makes registering an even larger hassle. That’s why, you have to give something of extremely high value in return for their troubles, if you must ask your shoppers to register.

Instead, you have three options:

  • Use the reciprocity principle to give shoppers a high-value reason for registering upfront
  • Utilize social login
  • Let them use a guest-checkout feature that doesn’t make them waste time registering before they can use your app

Let Shoppers Totally Control Their Shopping Carts/Baskets

Providing users with good UX means give them full control inside of the retail app. For instance, your buyer will feel empower if they can edit their own carts or baskets at any stage in their buying flow.

Remember to avoid any page return. This is because it will cause any frustration and leads to friction, if your shoppers have to go back a few steps in the buying flow.