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Make More Sales with Social Selling

How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Social Sales_YWF

Generating sales is the ultimate goal of all marketing. So, marketers should put their best effort. One of the ways is by promoting content marketing that can help you increase revenue. But, don’t you know that you can also leverage your content for social selling? Besides, one study found that social selling report a year-over-year sales growth. If you are interested to know more detail information about social selling, you can continue to read this article.

What is Social Selling?
Social selling is interpreted as using social media the way it was supposed to be used: being social. This technique is usually used by many SEO services to leverage the amount of real buyer. For instance, you provide useful content, answer questions, and have conversations with prospects. Furthermore, you should have one main goal: getting your potential customers to respond to your efforts. You can start your social selling by getting them to comment on a status update or reply to a post. Over the long run, this act will turn into getting them to respond to an email or schedule a call.

How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Social Sales
There’s no better example of the selling power of blogging than great content. The main idea is to answer the most common question in your social media customer service responses. Remember that you should provide solutions to their problems, not just push those articles out on social media.

What Kind of Content Helps with Social Selling?
Not every content can generate sales, but there are some content that can generate sales, such as:

  • How-to guides for common problems in your industry
  • Useful FAQ pages
  • Explainer content about how to use your product or service
  • Video content
  • Webinars
  • Shocking or surprising information that gets people to take action.

What to Do After You Generate Traffic
You understand how to use content and social media to generate traffic. Now it’s time to turn these leads into sales. It starts by understanding more about your leads. Google Analytics is great. But, it doesn’t reveal enough information about your individual prospects to help you nurture a relationship with them.

Enhance Your Analytics for Easier Outreach
You can install Lead feeder to enhance your social selling. It works on top of Google’s tools to reveal data related to your site’s anonymous visitors. Lead feeder will actually show you which companies your website visitors work for. To determine what offices they’re browsing from, it uses their IP addresses. You’ll get a lot more info about the company, including a list of LinkedIn connections you have that are associated with that company.

Moreover, it tracks which pages your anonymous audience members look at, which can help you segment them. Then, it automatically pushes this data to your CRM, where you can sort them by quality, regency, and other factors. As a result, you’ll get better insight into the traffic you’re already getting. So, you can follow with targeted outreach messaging via your social channels and land more clients.

Get Maximum Conversions by Setting Up your Content
Our main goal is not only driving traffic, but also to get more info about your visitors. Then, make sure that they will come back. That’s why it’s important to have strong, highly-relevant calls to action within your content. Using a simple “subscribe to get our updates” won’t cut it. You need to offer something better.

Email Outreach to Enhance Your Social Selling
When you get your visitor’s contact info, it’s time to make a deal. And the best way to reach them is via email or social media. This can be a good way to interact with them. Also, get them on the phone, or even lead them directly to a sales page on your website.

Both social selling and content marketing are the epitome of digital marketing. So, if  you can combine the two, you can drive traffic like crazy and turn them into prospective buyers.

How to Create a Memorable Email Marketing Campaign

How to create a memorable email marketing campaign

Sending email marketing to your prospective buyers is one of the great ways to reach more sales, for this purpose creates an eye catching and interesting email is important, besides attract more people to read your email is not that easy. That is why this article is presented to help you build more interesting email marketing that can raise people curiosity on reading it. In fact, good email marketing can help you accelerating your online promotion and help your website gets more visitors, in case, you also conduct website development.


The purpose of doing branding is to make your brand easily identify by the reader. Moreover, there are many areas of each email that should clearly convey who the email is from and display logos and slogans, including the subject line itself, throughout the body of the email and any thank you and unsubscribe pages associated with the content.


Your creativity will be needed in order to grab reader’s attention. A good creativity will make you stand out from the masses. To make your result looked stands out you can consider the usage of various types of media such as embedded videos, different fonts, and other unique elements to help converting your message. The aim is to create a stunning email which will leave a deep impression after the viewer reads it.

Social media

The role of social media is deeply united into our society; in fact, today it is hard to find someone who clearly does not have any social media account. That is why business is targeting social media since it can be a good way to reach more consumers. So, when emailing your prospective customer, do not forget to place your social media’s link, this is intended for creating an engagement with your consumers.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

If you already have any subscribers, treat your subscribers well as they really deserve to get it from you. They even deserve to get some rewards because of their loyalties, so you can give them some nice offers such as discounts, coupons and promotions in a great time such as holidays or big sales event.