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The 4 Habits of Highly Effective eCommerce Stores

E commerce

If you are web developers, creating an eCommerce site is relatively easy; however getting website visitors to make a purchase can be a challenge.  Your eCommerce website needs to impress customers and be easy to navigate, browse and buy from. Luckily – you’re not the first online shop in the world! You can learn from some of the biggest eCommerce stores, and here are eight tips from experts that you can try out on your own online store.

They Integrate with Social Networks

Smart entrepreneur should understand how important word of mouth campaign is. Due to this, understanding the market power of social networks becomes necessary as social media is the best tool to accommodate the campaign.

They Provide Free Shipping

Free delivery will charge you with extra cost, but the effect of this treatment will boost your sales. In fact, it is a brilliant idea to be applied on your business even though you will cover the additional costs. As examples, you can follow many popular retailers such as eToys, Victoria’s Secret, and Amazon to offer this free shipping after purchasing over a certain amount. This idea may win you over your competitors.

They Reward Loyal Customers

Today, many online retailers impose their customers with lots of sales and coupons; however, the best approach is to reward the returning customers and inform them about upcoming sales and promotions.

They Entice with Images

The biggest challenge that every online shopper has to face is that buyers can’t touch, fell, or smell your products. Therefore, your products photographs are the most important thing in your selling, and high quality pictures displayed in beautiful full-screen galleries can decide whether or not a customer buys your product. Just take a look at the irresistible images on sites like IKEA or Crate and Barrel.