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Think On Your Feet: The Issue of Agility in Marketing

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When I landed my first job right after college, I remember being told by my then-manager that to have a successful career with the company, I have to be able to quickly come up with a solution on my own. The professional world generously rewards quick, independent thinking and I’d have no hope of progressing if I’m incapable of thinking on my feet. Or at least, that’s how the thinking goes. From my observation though, I think that philosophy applies more to certain field than others.

In the field of finance for example, independent thinking isn’t always necessary since you’re typically operating within a rulebook where diligence is of utmost importance. In other fields, such as technology where progress is made on a day-to-day basis and in marketing where trends evolve as fast as the public’s attention span, the rulebook gets rewritten at a pace so rapid that you’re going to have to be able to reorient yourself every now and then. This is why for marketers and SEO services, the word agility is of the utmost importance.

Agility in SEO

SEO stands at the crossroad of technology and marketing. As SEO deals heavily with search engines and their algorithms, any progress made in search technologies would no doubt have an impact on the practice of SEO and since it’s not like the likes of Google will ever stop tinkering with their search algorithms, SEO services will never be able to rest on their laurels. At the same time, as SEO falls under the general umbrella of digital marketing, SEO still have to abide by the whims of the public and current trends, making it impossible for you to succeed if you’re content just staying in place.

Agility then comes into play as businesses doesn’t just require the foresight to predict where society is heading next but also be able to react quickly to something that’s unexpected. Avengers: Endgame being the total hit that it is now can be easily predicted, which is why it shouldn’t be hard for your business to come up with marketing materials that subtly references the film. But what about something awesomely unexpected like the bottle cap challenge started by taekwondo instructor Farabi Davletchin where he kicked a bottle cap off a bottle in slow motion over Instagram?

That viral craze began somewhat predictably, with Davletchin challenging several notable figures such as Jason Statham into performing their own version of the bottle cap challenge. As with any viral craze, the challenge soon began to delve into absurdity when the diva we definitely do not deserve Mariah Carey, jumped in by removing the cap not with her feet, but with her impressive vocal range. These viral crazes are pretty much the norm now and it would take clever thinking and swiftness of mind to turn it into something uniquely yours the way Mariah Carey did.

Start with a flexible and immediately actionable plan

The thing with trends is that they leave as fast as they come and as our attention span grows shorter and shorter, making a long-term marketing plan is pretty much pointless. For example let’s say that you were there firsthand when the bottle cap challenge craze started to go viral. Instead of responding however, you went to the drawing board and sit on it for weeks trying to figure out the best way you can capitalize on this trend. By the time your preparation’s ready and that you’ve earn the needed approval to execute the plan, the world has moved on to a new trend, like the 30-50 feral hogs thing from a couple weeks ago.

The moral of this story is that you shouldn’t rely on a rigid, long-term plan for marketing. Setting a long-term goal is acceptable but you should always be flexible in how that goal is reached. Marketing can sometimes be more about being reactionary than it is about foresight and you’re going to be relying on your responsiveness more often than not. Marketing can also takes an iterative form as you might find when your current strategy isn’t working, it might best to tweak them rather than starting from scratch all over again.

Focus on your team

Flexibility and an open mind isn’t a trait that’s possessed by everyone which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as sometimes, being rigid and uncompromising can be useful. The world of marketing however, the latter is a cardinal sin as you’re going to have to be able to see everything not from your point of view but from potential customers. What the public find interesting might not always line up with your preferences and businesses need to find someone who can easily reconcile with this contradiction to handle their marketing efforts.

Take advantage of data

You have to understand the difference between what’s popular and what’s trending. At any given moment, holiday-related hashtags will always have traction even if there are months in which they’re used more. On the other hand, trending hashtags are marked by a meteoric rise over a short period of time and that’s what you want to capitalize on as there’s only a limited window where the public’s interest is at an all-time high. One way you could differentiate between these two points is by the use of analytics.

Numbers, to the dismay of those who hated math in school, help make sense of the world and the can be hugely invaluable in the world of marketing as long as you know what to look for. Looking at a bunch of data isn’t particularly useful all by itself but when interpreted by someone who can translate those numbers into a model of human society, they’re practically golden. Just as you need people that can react to whatever society is up to these days, you’re going to need someone who can actually tell what society is up to.

Connected Ideas: This is How (and Why) Collaboration Will Make You Be More Creative and Successful

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We all want to excel at almost everything in this world to make life easier for us. I mean, if we were good at everything, we could get the job we want easily, get salary raise fast and basically do anything we wanted because we just could. However, what we often forget is the fact that we are not perfect. There is always something lacking in us, but the best way to put it is; we can’t do everything… alone. For that reason, there comes the saying “everything will be fine when we are together.” Yes, humans are born social beings, which means we can’t do or live alone. I may work as a content writer, but to be honest, I do my work best when I collaborate with the web design team. When I think about this, I can’t help thinking about you as well. This time, I’m going to share my experience working together with the web design team in my office despite being in different teams to build high quality website together. Keep reading this article to learn more!

If you are a business owner looking to improve your business website, there are several aspects that you need to understand in order to achieve the high quality website that you desire, especially in the design and content area. These are what you need to do first:

  • Gather your employees from different teams together
  • Create a new project that connects your employees together
  • Make sure everyone has their own part but there is a part where everyone works together
  • Help them discuss and share ideas with each other
  • When everyone has done their part, start to collaborate
  • Don’t forget to celebrate your achievement and well-built friendship

Well, that’s when we are talking about collaborating with people within our company. We know that collaborating doesn’t always have to be with people inside the company, right? Yes, I’m also talking about collaborating with other companies. A while ago, I saw a skincare-focused company collaborating with a makeup-only company in an event. Let’s say the skincare company is called Ellie and the makeup company is called Lily (both are not real names, though). Both companies agreed to collaborate with each other and create a project together for an upcoming event called Beauty and the Feast where beauty products open their booths in that event alongside with food booths. They also named their project “Ellie x Lily in Beauty and the Feast”. The project went really smooth and it gained so much attention from Ellie and Lily royal customers. How did they achieve this? Almost using the same method as the points I have mentioned above, this is how you collaborate with other companies:

  • Gather your employees and ask for their opinions and suggestions for this kind of collaboration
  • Collect names of the companies and what industry they are from
  • Select one up to three companies that you think will be beneficial for the project
  • Learn more about the companies’ values and how they work
  • After reviewing thoroughly, choose only one of them that suits your company’s values
  • Contact them and meet them personally
  • Communicate ideas with them and see if they agree to collaborate with you
  • If they decline your invitation for collaboration, try the second or the third company you have chosen before, but always come with plan B
  • If they accept your invitation to collaborate, make sure to gather your employees and they also gather theirs
  • Interact, discuss, have meetings arranged and socialise if you want to
  • Make sure you and your employees use polite and friendly language and manners when communicating with the other company

So, why is collaboration advisable for us? These are why:

  • You and your company will get the opportunities to grow
  • You will learn more new stuff
  • You will value friendship more
  • You will strengthen your relationship with other companies without unhealthy competition
  • It will boost and improve your brand awareness
  • It will boost customers’ interest in your products

…and guess what? You don’t have to be a designer to make this happen. You can do this anytime as long as you have plans for the future. When you can incorporate insights from a wide range of individuals, including non-design team members and prospective customers, you will be better positioned to create a usable, innovative interface that helps your company stand out.

That’s Why It’s There: The Role of Web Development for Your Business

The importance of web development

Website is no longer an option when it comes to having business. It is a compulsory asset for a business. When you have a business, having a website is one of the best ways to boost your marketing efforts. Let me make it easier for you to understand. Supposing you were just starting out a small business providing light meals or snacks in your area and the only people who knew about your business were your family and close friends – they were your first buyers. At the first two months, your neighbours knew about your business and decided to give it a try. However, unless your neighbours, family and close friends (and each of them) told their acquaintances and friends about your products, you couldn’t expand your business and increase your brand awareness any more than that. For that reason, online marketing is needed. In this day and age, you don’t come to your target audience door-to-door anymore – you reach them through online marketing efforts. Yes, that’s where website comes in. A website is one of your business assets that can help you increase your brand awareness and improve your online visibility so that your target audience, a.k.a the people who need your products can find your business and buy from you. However, creating and building a website is not that simple. You need web development for that. Why is web development so important? What’s the role of web development for your business? Keep reading to find out!

Web development allows your business to be 24/7 at service

You may have your own marketing staff or marketing manager or others with their own roles in your company both online and offline, but at night time, it’s time to sleep, fellas, even you too. However, with your website and its good web development, it can act as your 24/7 marketing staff. People are absorbed in online activities that they will just surf the internet for more information or looking for answers or something they want. If you have a skincare business and you have an active blog on your website, you can still ‘persuade’ your potential buyers even without having to meet them in person. If they are curious with your products in the middle of the night where you and your employees are still sleeping, your website can do your work by providing information and details about your products and your business as a website can be accessed 24/7.

Worldwide marketing

Well, it is not just about being viewed by your local target audience – the world can know too if your website is doing well in other aspects like web design, web development and SEO. With an online website, you can link up to social forums and market your product/service to a massive audience all around the globe. You can regularly advertise and share your work on social forums to gain more than actually targeted audience.

Easy and convenient for your target audience

A well-developed website can not only help you gain more prospects, but it can also help your target audience too. Having a physical location of your business is nice, but not all people can be willing to go there, let alone have time to go there, especially those living in other countries or cities. After all, who needs to go all the way down to an offline store when they can get it all online?

Seen as credible

Your website can also act as your ‘office’. This is where it can provide as much information as needed for your target audience. If your target audience is having a hard time finding your offline store, your website is your online store. Promoting your products or services by a few clicks can grab the attention of consumers from various parts of the world. The website of a company can prove remarkable to gain business not only in a shorter time but also with a much bigger audience. If your website is well-developed, then your website can be considered as a credible source that can be helpful for your target audience.

Yes, that’s why is there. Web development helps your website be accessible anytime and if you put the right content in it, your website can serve as your business ‘customer service’ and even your ‘marketing staff’ for 24/7. If you need more information about website development, feel free to contact us and let our team help you grow your business.