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How to Discover Your Online Reputation

How to monitor your online reputation

Internet says everything and anything, no wonder that many people will search for lots of stuffs in the internet. If you are doing business whatever it is, oil company or SEO service maybe, you may wonder how it says about your company and its reputation and what people will find if they search for your company, since online reputation really plays an important role in determining your company success. Below are several ways that you can follow to monitor your online reputation.

Search for Yourself

The simplest way to figure out your online reputation is by searching for yourself and read through the first few pages of results. In fact, you can also keep an up to date spreadsheet with a list of links that are ranking for your name. Apparently, many tools, such as BrandYourself can be used to help organize and catalog this information. The potential downfall of this strategy is its repetitive nature.  The best way to monitor your online reputation would require some automation.


Another way to collect information about your online reputation is by using tools, for example IFTT, Hootsuite, and Google Alerts, to automate internet monitoring for mentions of you and your company’s name. In fact, there are many more software solutions like this, but one thing that you should know that this kind of tools may pick up a lot of innocuous or irrelevant data, so you may get a bunch of data which haven’t been filtered yet.

Defamation Monitoring

You can also try to do the defamation monitoring which works by crawling specific sites where negative content is likely to appear and automatically send alerts. Moreover, this software will notify your PR teams whenever a brand is negatively mentioned; it could also provide applications in the consumer market for professionals who want to avoid any harmful information about them online.

Building Brand for a Successful SEO Ecommerce

SEO for ecommerce

Building SEO ecommerce may be a little different than managing SEO services for websites. Ecommerce’s target is wider than usual SEO services, in fact it requires focusing on two differences goal: the focus on individual products, and the importance of brand and brand awareness. So, how to approach this? Below are several strategies to focus on winning the SEO ecommerce.

Customer Satisfaction

This point is actually the core of any ecommerce site, and one of the popular ways to measure your customer satisfaction is through reviews and ratings – onsite and off. Beside you need to pursue the product reviews with structured data behind it to prove Google, Bing, and Yahoo that your product is highly valuable to be purchased.

Beyond onsite, Google and other search engines look to sites like Yelp to cite quality which makes SEOs work hard in that field. Reviews on quality sites are picked up and utilized by search engines and very much affect rankings.

Structured Data

Structured data helps search engine to see the real condition of one subject, since structured data is a specific “vocabulary of tags” that can help to add to your HTML as Moz puts it. Moreover, “rich snippets” is produced by the structured data as the extra bits of text or information that shows under individual search results which can provide Google and other search engines the info they need to display your product in a more attractive manner.

Furthermore, search engines will also recognize product that has good rating based on reviews, especially when structured data is implemented directly. Product that has stars review on the page will more likely to be clicked on than the others due to the rating it has as it will drawing the user’s trust more on it.

Social Media

Your selling amount depends a lot on your brand reputation. So, building your brand reputation is one thing and selling your product is another. Therefore, one of the easiest and most effective ways to establish brand authority is through social media campaign. In fact, social media is the best way to engage more deeply and communicate directly with your customer and society.

How to Create a Memorable Email Marketing Campaign

How to create a memorable email marketing campaign

Sending email marketing to your prospective buyers is one of the great ways to reach more sales, for this purpose creates an eye catching and interesting email is important, besides attract more people to read your email is not that easy. That is why this article is presented to help you build more interesting email marketing that can raise people curiosity on reading it. In fact, good email marketing can help you accelerating your online promotion and help your website gets more visitors, in case, you also conduct website development.


The purpose of doing branding is to make your brand easily identify by the reader. Moreover, there are many areas of each email that should clearly convey who the email is from and display logos and slogans, including the subject line itself, throughout the body of the email and any thank you and unsubscribe pages associated with the content.


Your creativity will be needed in order to grab reader’s attention. A good creativity will make you stand out from the masses. To make your result looked stands out you can consider the usage of various types of media such as embedded videos, different fonts, and other unique elements to help converting your message. The aim is to create a stunning email which will leave a deep impression after the viewer reads it.

Social media

The role of social media is deeply united into our society; in fact, today it is hard to find someone who clearly does not have any social media account. That is why business is targeting social media since it can be a good way to reach more consumers. So, when emailing your prospective customer, do not forget to place your social media’s link, this is intended for creating an engagement with your consumers.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

If you already have any subscribers, treat your subscribers well as they really deserve to get it from you. They even deserve to get some rewards because of their loyalties, so you can give them some nice offers such as discounts, coupons and promotions in a great time such as holidays or big sales event.