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4 Tips E-Commerce Companies Should Do to Improve Revenue

5 Tips E-Commerce Companies Should Do to Improve Revenue

Are you struggling with your E-commerce sites? If yes, this is maybe because you don’t know what to do with your E-commerce. Fortunately, SEO can be a powerful tool for your E-commerce. In the tips below, you will see 4 ways to double or even triple your revenue by attracting more organic search traffic. If you are marketers or people who work in SEO service. This article is certainly for you.

  1. Successful e-commerce companies use search & analytics data to inform their strategy.

Every successful e-commerce company knows that data is king. Therefore, many successful e-commerce websites will conduct research to collect information about what people are searching for on Google by carefully studying search terms, phrases and keywords.

To analyze the data, marketers or SEO analyst can use tools like SEMrush to measure conversion percentages and market share by category and sub-category. The acquired information will give a realistic picture of where the company stands, how well they’re doing, where opportunities lie to increase market share, and what segment they should focus on. In the end, data is aimed to help increasing sales and revenues.

  1. Their Information Architecture and Website Structure is Customer-Focused

Another key to improve you revenue is to always serve on what customers want. You can discover your customer’s intent by using search data from Google. Then identify frequently asked questions and solutions that customers are searching for.

The website of a successful e-commerce company doesn’t mirror its organizational structure. Instead, the focus is on what customer want. Using search data from Google to uncover user intent, smart marketers first identify frequently asked questions and solutions that customers are searching for. A customer-oriented information architecture which is effective and easy to navigate can be a solution.

  1. Their Content Strategy is Based on Search Data

In terms of creating content, Leaders of successful e-commerce will always produce content that matters to their customers. So, it will be good if SEO consultants and content producers work together in deciding what kind of content that impacts sales or build long-term relationships.

  1. They Solve Critical Problems Early in the Planning Phase

Having bad planning will caught you in a nightmare, therefore proper planning and preparation lets the high performers issue suitable instructions to developers, which results in better website coding that won’t have to be completely redone later if problems arise.

3 Common Mistakes on Web Design World that Can Ruin Your Website

common web design mistakes that can kill your website-01

In online world, a website is everything to your business. In fact, it can be the face of your business, so, creating a respectable and beautiful design is a must. A beautiful web design with gorgeous templates and endless online tools will be your web power to attract more people comes in to your site. But, still there are some errors happen in designing a web. If you are web designers wanting to avoid these common mistakes, then we caught you in time! Since, you can learn several common mistakes in web design through the points below.

Clutter Is Killing Your Buzz

Some designers think that having many functions button is the best design while actually “ less is more: is a truism because it is true as overwhelming your site with so many stuffs will make your visitor’s attention get quickly distracted. Therefore, to avoid being too clutter, you need to provide more “white space” – a portion of your site that is entirely clear of content. The purpose in using white space is to focus the visitor’s attentions at what’s really important, for examples are the checkout button or portfolio images. White space is technically an empty space which will be fulfilled with the purpose of making your site better.

Your Site Is Harder to Navigate Through Than Uncharted Land

Having a sloppy navigation button is a big no-no, as it is really important to have a simple and intuitive navigation flow. This is because, if your visitors feel difficult to discover how to browse through it, they will lose their mind and this will cause you to lose your traffic. To prevent this risk, devote some time to planning your site structure from the very beginning, even before you begin designing, you need to consider several things, such as, how many pages, what should be the page order, how visitors move from one place to another, and etc.

Images So Bad They Look like They’re Censored

Another way to have a great web design is by avoiding any pixelated photos, as people will think that the internet went back to 1998; when the image is accidentally cropped to show the top of your head rather than your face, then it is impossible to see the connection between your website’s purpose and the images you use – that’s when we have a problem.

Site images should be there for setting the right mood and illustrating something about your brand or about your company. So, get rid all of the images that you think do not perform these purposes. Moreover, you need to make sure to apply only high-quality files on your site.

3 Ways to Avoid App Fatigue With Enterprise Apps

enterprise app

For mobile and web developer, there are some other things that you should know and avoid in order to create a good mobile app, especially for enterprise app which is a bit different from consumer app since enterprise app is a business application, obviously. As most people use the term, it is a big business application. In today’s corporate environment, enterprise applications are complex, scalable, distributed, component-based, and mission-critical while Consumer device is an industry term for Internet-capable mobile computers that are marketed to individuals, not businesses. For example, the iPhone, iPad, Droid smartphone, Wii and Xbox are all considered to be consumer devices. Therefore, after knowing the difference about them, we will continue to discuss about some of other important things that you should consider before creating a mobile app, especially for enterprise app.

Don’t lose sight of your purpose

By focusing on an overarching purpose, you deliver mobility that is more useful and cohesive rather than trying to build an app that focus on accessing work documents. For the example, you can start with just trying to make sales more efficient with those documents.

One good app is better than hundreds

Today, research reveals that the amounts of people who spend their tie on mobile devices increament, this is likely the same with the number of apps people use on average. But, the fact is that no one wants their phones covered in enterprise apps.

Many consumers easily switch from one app to another app, but when someone downloads an enterprise app, they expect it to be able to save time and achieve business goals.

Develop mobile for the user, not the systems owner

Enterprise app and consumer apps is slightly different, as the buyer of an enterprise app is often not the same person as the user. Therefore, many projects of mobile project end up as a system owner, for example (SAP) while rarely exist to help users done with their work.  This might help secure a purchase in the short term. But if users aren’t satisfied with a product, they won’t hesitate to look elsewhere for an alternative.