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7 Qualities that Should be Contained in Your Boring Content

Bored Content

It goes without saying that a good article should interact very well with the reader, so that they can avoid any boredom in the article. However, at some point, boring content is unavoidable, and commonly there are three main kinds of content which are quite popular, they are technical how-to, comprehensive guides, and detailed support.

Technical how-to is the most common article that you may find in the internet. The common title usually starts with the phrase “how to”. So the word “how to” may have been sounded similar to you as the internet is overwhelmed with how-to guides.

Comprehensive guides are usually the big ones-long discussions that provide everything about a particular subject, such as advanced guide, step-by-step guide, definitive guide, and detailed support.

So, if it is almost impossible to make those kinds of articles become exciting, at least you can keep the qualities of your content to enhance your SEO service performance and engage with more users by including these top seven qualities that every-content should have.

  1. Make the Title Specific

This is all about user experience, so the more specific the title, the better. For example, instead of explaining the technicalities of ‘How to do SEO”, it will be better to write it as “How to Get Google to Instantly Index Your New Website”. From the first and second example we can see that the second title offers a promise to the reader which the first title doesn’t.

  1. Explain the Goal

Does your reader know about the purpose of your writing? The reader should have a clear sense of what you’re trying to convey. For example, a technical how-to is aimed to solve a problem or archive a desired outcome, and if your article doesn’t provide that, it means your article doesn’t explain the goal.

  1. Use Numbers

Listing the steps in a numbered sequence makes the content organized and easy to follow. If the reader has to take a break and then come back to the project, a numbered list makes it easy for them to remember what number they were on. Numbers also provide a sense of progress and forward motion.

  1. Large Headings

In my experience, readers who are reading a how to article is usually reading and practicing it at the same time. So, it will really help you in having a quick at a glance headings throughout the content. So the readers can quickly find the tutorial while doing it.

  1. Mobile Compatibility

Never ever ignore the importance of mobile compatibility since everything is mobile today and many readers will be accessing this content on their mobile device.

  1. Be Absolutely Clear

You don’t need to use either metaphors or shocking expressions. In this kind of article, you can use plain, but clear words that describe exactly what the reader should do.

  1. Provide Summary of the Instructions at the Beginning and End

Provide a glimpse of over view of the process will be very nice. The summary is aimed to provide a general description of the project they are about to start on.

Why Blog Comments can Affect Your SEO Optimization

Why Blog Comments Are Great for Google SEO

SEO optimization is job that requires deep analyze to solve the problem, therefore many ways are needed to complete the task. Even, small thing such as commenting can affect your SEO performance, if you never count in commenting as an important part of SEO service, you better change your mind as it actually can influence your SEO result.

There are a lot of reasons why someone removes comments; the most common one is that the blog owner wants to prevent Google from negatively impacting a site due to low quality comments. This is the same reasons many site owners state when removing other types of user generated content, such as forums or contributor articles.

But on the other hand, if it contains a good review, comment even can be more valuable than the actual content, especially in technical market areas. Take for example this article on a recent Google patent at SEO by the sea. In fact, poor quality comments can have a detrimental effect on a site, especially where Panda is concerned.

Comments are also related closely with “expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness” (E-A-T). So, if you are trying to remove comments from your site, it becomes harder for visitors to see the quality of your content. Since comments can be used to measure how trustworthy the content is, so removing comments will only lose a signal of E-A-T.

Another advantage is that comments are also a great media to show how popular a site is which will bring back users repeatedly and in the end being a good media to user engagement since it would stimulate more conversation.

Hence, you better think twice to remove your comments when you think it brings down the quality of the site. While low quality spam type of comments can reduce the quality, but don’t worry as with moderation it can increase the value of your site in Google’s eyes. But having good quality comments on your blog posts will provide more benefits, first providing value to your visitors while in the other side it also shows Google that those users are contributing as a “thriving community”.

Be a Web Marketing Championship with These 3 Aspects

Win the web marketing championship with these 3 focuses-01

Everybody wants to be a champion, but a champion isn’t made in a night. In fact, to be a champion, one should know several ways to make them being a champion. This rules also works the same in web marketing, there are 3 main aspects that you should consider if you seriously want to have a successful online marketing or SEO service. Here are the points.

  • A Clear Definition of Success

In web marketing, the definition of success cannot be measured only by how many traffics, downloads, sales or rankings it produces. It maybe varies depending on who’s saying them and what studies are performed. Those are often fluid, depending on the business and what site visitors want. In fact, what you may think is obvious about your success may not be obvious to your marketing team at all.

Moreover, success only can be defined if you and your marketing team have the same marketing goals. By determining your definitions and metrics for success, you can make sure that everyone is on board and everything being done is working toward achieving those goals. It does no good to point out how much engagement you’re getting on social media if that’s not what you’re most interested in.

  • The Aggressiveness of Your Web Marketing Campaign

How aggressive are you in doing your marketing campaign from scale 1-10? Is it 10? The most interesting thing about this fact is that mostly people think that they already do their best in their marketing campaign while in fact, they do not. For example, you have 100 web marketing items, and you think you are only able to handle 6 or 10 tasks per month, while your competitors do their best to handle 20-30 tasks per month, you can see that you may need to take a much longer road to success rather than your rival.

Therefore, it is better for you to focus on any given area so that it will play a significant role in how fast you will achieve your success. Unmistakably, being in the high level of aggressiveness level is good for your business, but sometimes time and budget makes that impossible. So, sometimes the best way to accept the level is by understanding that success may take time.

  • Your Own Expectations

One of important things to determine your success is actually your expectations. For all of the things that have been said above you need to discover if your client expectation line up with the reality of the situation. Whatever expectations you have for the success of your web marketing campaign, you need to make sure those are adjusted to align with each of the considerations above.amitra