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A Comparison of jQuery VS AngularJS


Most of web developers might be familiar with jQuery, but not many are common with AngularJS. However, with the rise of Angular, it is important to know the differences between the two. For example, you might want to know when to use jQuery or AngularJS? How to avoid common mistake of using AngularJS in jQuery Fashion? Can we use jQuery inside or with AngularJS? You can find all of the answers here.

Definition of jQuery

jQuery is a JavaScript Library that is a lightweight and feature-rich. It helps web developers simplify the usage of client-side scripting for web applications through JavaScript. It extensively simplifies using JavaScript on a website and it’s lightweight as well as fast.

So, in general jQuery will enable you to:

  • Easily manipulate the contents of a webpage
  • Apply styles to make UI more attractive
  • Easy DOM traversal
  • Effects and animation
  • Simple to make AJAX calls and
  • Utilities and much more… etc.

As jQuery is a JavaScript Library, you can use this library to fulfill a single or many of the features it provides in our application partially/fully. For example, you can make AJAX-based calls or you can also give some effects and animations by simply using jQuery library. It works like a plugin.

Definition of AngularJS

AngularJS is one among so many Google products, it also an open source MVC-based framework which many people consider it as the best framework in its generation. So, if you wish to create a great tool for building highly rich client-side web applications, Angular is the best option for it. In fact, it is not only a JavaScript library, but also a framework that is design perfectly. This framework will lead us to follow some rules and a structures approach.

Compared to jQuery, AngularJS offers more features, such as follows:

  • Two-Way data binding
  • REST friendly
  • MVC-based pattern
  • Deep Linking
  • Template
  • Form Validation
  • Dependency Injection
  • Localization
  • Full Testing Environment
  • Server Communication

When to Use jQuery or AngularJS?

Many people think that AngularJS and jQuery share the same value of technology, but AngularJS is actually more suitable for the web application development as it can work on the HTML code and JSON data. It works in developing for interactive and robust applications but using the same for a simple website development. As a result, it produces slow loading and quite erratic websites.

On the other hand, jQuery provides a fast and feature-rich language. Moreover, it has in-built features such as HTML document traversal, event handling, manipulation, animation and Ajax support and others. Those stuffs will make you easier to develop hardcore websites. Therefore, it is necessary to frame a sound approach dedicated either to develop an advanced web application or website development before utilizing any of these highly intuitive and robust languages.

Don’t Use AngularJS in jQuery Fashion

If you love to use a huge amount of plugins, jQuery is the easier framework that you can use. However, with AngularJS, you will experience a totally different structure. This will make it more difficult for you to find any plugins or to create one. However, AngularJS has jqLite which owns the jQuery functionalities and as the result, it can be applied for developing different plugins as per the need of websites but not good for developing or patching codes of old plugins and embedding it on the website.

Code Comparison

For a developer perspective, the code comparison is as follows:

jQuery Code

AngularJS Code

<div id=”tabs”>
            <li><a href=”#tabs-1″>Tab 1</a><li>
            <li><a href=”#tabs-2″>Tab 2</a><li>
            <li><a href=”#tabs-3″>Tab 3</a><li>
    <div id=”tabs-1″>
    <div id=”tabs-2>
    <div id=”tab-3>


        <tab title=”Tab 1″>
        <tab title=”Tab 2″>
        <tab title=”Tab 3″>


Can We Use jQuery inside or With AngularJS?

In certain scenarios, we may want our AngularJS application to use jQuery library. Now, AngularJS can use jQuery in our application when the application is being bootstrapped. Otherwise, Angular will use its own implementation of the subset of jQuery that we discussed above jqLite.


AngularJS and JQuery are actually two technologies that are meant for different target. JQuery is best suited for DOM manipulation while AngularJS is suited for web application development.

Top JavaScript Frameworks in 2017







The popularity of JavaScript in so many vibrant ecosystems of technologies, frameworks, and libraries is undoubtable. But, JavaScript comes in many features and many web developers are wondering where should you invest your time to get the most benefit? Which tech stacks are companies hiring for right now? Which ones have the most growth potential? Below are some JavaScript Frameworks in 2017 that is predicted will be popular. Check this out!


React is one of Facebook’s products; it is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It’s based on the idea of uni-directional data flow, meaning that for each update cycle:

  1. React takes inputs to components as props and conditionally renders DOM updates if data has changed for specific parts of the DOM. Data updates during this phase can’t retrigger the render until the next drawing phase.
  2. Event handling phase – after the DOM has rendered, React listens for and events, delegating events to a single event listener at the root of its DOM tree. You can listen to those events and update data in response.
  3. Using any changes to the data, the process repeats at 1.


Redux offers transactional, deterministic state management for your apps. In Redux, we iterate over a stream of action objects to reduce to the current application state. Redux is mandatory learning, even if you never use Redux for a production project. From Redux, you can learn the value of using pure functions and new ways to think about reducers. Reducers are general-purpose functions for iterating over collections of data and extracting some value from them. It is so useful that you can find Array.prototype.reduce in JS specification.


Angular 2 is the first feature to the wildly popular Angular framework from Google. Because of its popularity, people will look cool for those who can do it, but it is better to learning React first.

There are two reasons why some people have a preference for React over Angular 2:

  1. It’s simpler,
  2. It’s extremely popular and used in lots of jobs

Whatever your choice is, whether it is React or Angular 2, we recommend you to learn it for at least 6 months-1 year before you can jump to the other program.


RxJS is populary known as a collection of reactive programming utilities for JavaScript. It is quite similar with Lodash for streams. Reactive programming has officially arrived on the JavaScript scene. The ECMAScript Observables proposal is a stage-1 draft, and RxJS 5+ is the canonical standard implementation.

However in RxJS, you will find that you can’t just import the whole thing all at once. So, you can use the patch imports to reduce the size of your rxjs dependencies. Instead of, combating bundle boat while importing things.