Small Business 101: SEO Myths You Should Never Believe

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Having a small business at a starting point is tough. You have to make sure everything is under control and you have to make sure everything is planned carefully, starting from financial management, employees, even to marketing strategies. However, there is one more thing that is important for business. It is called search engine optimisation, or in short, SEO. Nowadays, the majority of people in the business world are already familiar with SEO and how it works when it comes to business. For that reason, business owners hire SEO companies to do SEO services for them. SEO itself is believed to play big roles in increasing brand awareness and business’ online visibility. However, even great things can yield misleading perception and interpretation for some people that can spread through any medium (word-to-word, the internet, social media platforms, etc.) if not carefully digested in the brain. Yes, even SEO has its own myths that can mislead people when it comes to SEO process. But don’t worry! This article will prevent you from getting the wrong knowledge! Discover the SEO myths you should never believe that…you unconsciously believed before. Keep reading to find out!

“Social media doesn’t have any impact on SEO”

This is a misleading perception, actually. While it may be partially true that social media doesn’t have direct impact on SEO, social media is influential enough to increase website traffic. If your content post gets many likes or shares on social media, many people, especially those you are targeting for your business industry, will find your business and curious to know you more so they visit your website. The more they visit your website, the higher the chance for you to rank high on search engines.

“You can do SEO alone without having to hire an SEO specialist”

Well, it is true that you can do SEO alone, but one thing you should know that SEO has many steps and methods if you want better results. For example, maybe the easiest way for you to get traffic to your website is through blogging. However, that alone is not enough. In order for you to get better results, there are some technical methods like on-site optimisation and analysis that should be done in order for SEO progress to start getting results. Unless you have degree in the related field, or have experiences in doing thorough SEO, you can’t really do SEO alone.

We are aware that SEO services may cost you a little more money than when you do it alone, but compared with the results from a professional SEO specialist, it will produce a better profit for your business. Of course, you have to avoid misleading perception and interpretation, especially with some misleading SEO myths that can actually be bad for your SEO practices.