Reasons Why Being Creative is Important for Your Business

SEO and creativity

I used to be scared of being creative. I once joined a community called Second Life community. It is basically a virtual game with a virtual life where we can create our own avatar and live inside that virtual world. In that community, I found many people, blessed with creativity. They created so many creative events and when I was talking to them, I felt so left out. I mean, they are really creative and very fast when it comes to opportunities. I was like, “Oh I can never be that creative.” And they felt that I was not one of them. It is understandable though; sometimes you can’t get along well with creative people if you are not in the same pace as them. For that reason, I accepted the fact that I wasn’t creative. Until one day, I started working at a creative agency that provides SEO services for businesses and I am required to write English articles for them. At the moment, all I thought about was, “If I only have to write English articles, then I guess I can do it.” Then, after working there for at least a month, I realised that even writing English articles needs creativity. What’s even bizarre is; all of my co-workers think I’m creative. I felt confused, but then I looked at my portfolio and this was what I came up with: I am good at writing. I used to think that I studied all about English during my university’s life, so it was natural for me to write English articles, since, well, that’s what English department graduates do, right? It turns out, I was wrong. In that agency, my friends always count on me when it comes to creative things, especially words. Yes, I realised that creativity isn’t always a natural talent. We are all born with creativity. The only difference is that the time it takes for us to realise we have the potential and that all we need to do is to find it. And it’s true; I have discovered my true creativity through the string of words, in that office. We need to be creative in order to create innovation, especially in a world filled with businesses. If you are a business owner, being creative is important. Why? Find out in this article!

There will be more competitors

There is nothing more effective than being creative when it comes to getting ahead of your competitors. As businesses are always growing and developing, we are required to always keep up to date with the trends and latest news, because ideas and innovations are born from adjusting creativity to the current situation. Therefore, being creative is a more effective way to create new innovations that can make your business standout among other businesses in your industry.

There will always be new creations

New Year comes, so does new thing. But new thing doesn’t come by itself. The source of the innovation comes from creativity. From single ideas developed by creative insights and turned into a plan for innovation. That innovation leads to a new creation. The problem is; who is going to lead a better new creation in the future?

Things change

As time goes by, things will change. If you are not on the same or better pace as everyone, you will get left behind. The most effective way to overcome changes is by being creative. When you are creative, you can adjust your pace to almost anything in this world. When you are creative, your mind is always working to fit others and make the most of your ideas to make better progress for your business. If things didn’t go your way, you would try to find new solutions based on the current situation and predict what is likely to happen in the future, so that you can think of better ideas to solve it.

Being creative is not always about producing things. Sometimes being creative is needed to solve problems. When you lost your favourite book and at the same time, your friend who happened to have the same book also lost it, the creative way to know which one was your book is by finding the “signs” you left in some pages of your book. When both books were found, you already knew which book was yours. This trick is simple but a creative way to solve a problem. When it comes to business, we are not only focused on creations but we are also focused on preventing problems from happening and solving the existing problems. For that reason, we need creativity to balance our work and creations. Want to get creative with your business but don’t know where to start? Do not hesitate to contact us now and let our creative team help you.