Practicality vs. Creativity in Web Design: This is Why You Need Both for Your Business’ Website

practical and design thinking

When it comes to design, especially in web design, there are two crucial parts that complement the process of design; practical thinking and creative thinking. Maybe most of you already know about creative thinking, but how about practical thinking? If you have a business and want to make a website, then you have taken the right step to grow your business, but if you are creative, you should be practical too. Why? That’s because your web design needs both! This article will help you find out more about it. Keep reading to learn more!

Being creative and practical when designing a website

When it comes to designing a website, there are some of the several things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Uniqueness
  • Colour choices
  • Quality in users’ perspective
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Website’s responsiveness

Creativity brings together harmony in design. With creativity, you can deliver your interesting ideas in a form of content and appearance that can make your website “a sight to behold.” That being said, appearance is not everything, and thus, practicality comes into the picture. When you are designing a website, combining creativity with practicality is a must. A website should be easy for users to access, but has to be beautiful at the same time. It is easy to find so many websites that are beautiful but not many can provide responsiveness in a website. Why do we need practical thinking in web design? That’s because practicality brings balance to the creative design. When you creatively design a website with more ideas, practicality helps in simplifying the website. In short, you make your website interestingly easy.

When there is a problem with your website, both creative thinking and practical thinking can work together to solve it. With creative solution, you can achieve practicality. Let’s take a mobile application as an example. Nowadays, people can transfer money right away using a mobile application. While the application is creatively designed using creative solutions, the features that help users navigate easily are based on practical thinking. So, basically, creative solutions can turn into practical approaches in design.

Where creativity comes in is not only about aesthetics, but also finding solutions to potential problems. At that point, creative solution can grow up to become a practical one. The key of successful designs is that you think about your problems and how to approach and solve them. You should think about it first rather than go for the first idea that pops into your head. If an idea pops into your head, keep it and write it down, but don’t act on it yet until you have got enough ideas. After collecting ideas, look deeper into the potential issues and see if your idea can resolve it or not, along with any unintended consequences that will go along with it. In the end, make your decision based on what makes the most sense for users and remember that when you are designing your website, you should put yourself in users’ perspective first. At that point, it’s time for your creativity to kick in. Carrying out the choices you’ve made will require a creative touch to make things better. For that reason, creativity needs practicality, and practicality needs creativity.

That’s how creative thinking and practical thinking are needed in web design. If your web designers have used both when designing your website, then don’t worry; you are on the right path. If you are still confused and need to know how to properly design a website, feel free to contact us and our team will be ready to assist you anytime.