How to Build a Killer Content

How to Build a Killer Content → Keyword Map for SEO-01

Have your content been highly targeted? As web developers develop a website is a thing but optimize a site is another thing. Content is part of webs that is usually optimized. The better optimized your content is the more engaged your site with better SEO result. In fact optimized article will easily turn your marketing campaign into a successful one. Below are some tips that can show you how to build a killer content.

  • SEO Cartography

Creating a map for SEO keywords is terribly helpful in terms of figuring the best possible keywords for your content. There are many tools that can assist you in providing good data for your SEO cartography although you cannot wish for great software to do this right now. You may have done it through the old ways by using Excel or Google Spreadsheets, either one work fine. However, in order to get better data, you can use other tools, such as screaming frog or stat to help you collect best data.

SEO cartography

  • Columns

All SEO engineer wish that all of their keywords mapped to all their URLs. However, reality rarely comes as exact as we wish for it, for example, many SEO engineers discover that some keywords don’t have any URL or you probably have some URLs for which you have no keyword. Essentially you haven’t intentionally targeted a keyword with that page yet, and this might actually help you prioritize and try and do some of that.

So, asking questions like, how much search volume does this get? You’re going to try and estimate or use a tool to give you a grade around the title, the content, maybe the URL itself, load speed, and engagement. You can find out the engagement by browsing the rate or time on site or pages per visit or some combination of all of those things.

Moreover, in order to get data becomes more accurate you might consider adding things like these:

  • Anchor text if you want to analyze your internal and external anchor text.
  • Google Search Console click-through rates for some of the keywords here and add that data in. We all know Google Search Console, not phenomenal data, but sometimes can be useful.

If you’re trying to prioritize a big keyword research function, you might have more keyword-driven metrics, like the things in Keyword Explorer:

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Click-through rate opportunity
  • Important Score, your custom Important Score, your potential. You might order these differently based on those kinds of things.
  • Page level conversion rate. How much does this contribute to content that converts on my site? How well does it convert directly? Those types of things.

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So, what are the benefits that SEO cartography may provide to you?

  • Identify keywords that have no content mapped to them
  • Identify on-page opportunities to improve
  • Identify content without intentional keyword targeting
  • Identify link building needs
  • Prioritize and focus your work