How Social are your Website ?

Sometimes when we already build a website, we question ourselves either “How crowded the visitors will it be ?” or “How customized users to our website ?”. Sometimes things like this important for common visitors to spread the news of the website. But, regarding this matter, comes up new question which confuse the owner of the website “How ?”

When we hear word “Social” our best option is through social media. But this thing is actually just a very small part yet big support of our website.  So what will be the big part of Social ? That’s the thing we will be discusses further. We thinking about both offline social and social media could involve in. So, social media itself not enough to convince customers to visit the website.

What would it be great for offline social to be involve in ? Of course this including how big you are involve or sacrifice for the website, activity such as offline advertisement will help greatly to community to gather. Things that benefit from offline social is one thing to help community have a direct experience. Which, after all that expand by Social Media.

Things that we need to remember when trying to market the website through Social Media is :

  1. What kind of Social Media you want to share?
  2. Which target you are trying to get ?
  3. How is the link between social media and website made ?

As we know, there’s a few Social Media that famous nowadays, but those Social Media also have their own way to advertise any post for their customers. There’s by images, long posts, short quotes or even more into formal type.

For next option is Target. Some social media doesn’t really supports this feature or sometimes even have to pay. This is optional things, so don’t get hopes too high from this. No matter what will be happens, the website itself will be spread around any target the website got.

Last one and the most important part is how to link between Social Media and website. What you have to know is when you trying to put in Social Media, means you have to update both website and Social Media for any announcement. Because, when one of them is not published, the customers will goes disappointed and stay away from social media.

The more social media you link it, the more spreading your website will it be. Because one thing you have to know, one person doesn’t hold all kind of social media’s account. So whenever the website link to all Social Media, the customers have options to where they want to link and be updated.

Of course, active point is needed, the lesser update the lesser customers will it be to stay update on that Social Media you’re linked it. By active point, there’s a few way we can use, such as often greet the customers or share often online event or event Tips that connected to the website itself.