Feel Like Home on Your Business’ Website Homepage by Including These Compulsory Elements

web design tips

Almost all business owners know that using a website to promote online visibility is compulsory. Using a website allows every business a chance to be found by their target audience who needs their products or services. However, having a website alone is not enough. You have to think about maintaining the website while being creative in the web design as well. Speaking of web design, we may be familiar with a website’s part called homepage. Yes, that’s the first page we would see when visiting a website. If you are a business owner having a website to maintain, you should know that homepage is actually the first-impression page that will determine whether or not your visitors will stay on your website. For that reason, many web designers and content creators try to deliver the best content on that page. With that in mind, what should you include in the content for your website’s homepage? Keep reading this article to find out!


Your website should tell visitors what your business has to offer. That’s where your headline comes in. With a few words, you have to deliver one of the most important pieces of copy on your website. Make sure your headline is simple and clear. Take an example from Dropbox. Their headline “Securely share, sync, and collaborate” is simple but powerful.


Sub-headline works as a complement that complements your headline by describing a brief description of what you do or what you offer. Do this effectively by telling what your product or service solves.

Primary calls-to-action

The goal of your homepage is to attract visitors to dive deeper into your website and move them further down the funnel. Include two to three calls-to-action above the fold that can direct people to different stages of the buying cycle, and place them in spots that are easy to find.

Supporting image

In this new era, everything is visual and it is important. People are not interested with boring long text anymore. Therefore, make sure to include visual elements on your homepage to attract more visitors and make them interested in your offer. You can include a big photo or a video. That being said, you have to pay attention to the size, because when a photo or a video is made in too big size, it can hurt your website, as it may take long to load.

That’s the important elements that should be included on your homepage. By applying the right content on your homepage, you can attract more visitors to your site and make them feel “at home” when viewing your homepage. If you need a website with friendly elements and great web design, feel free to contact us and let our awesome team help you.