Competitor Keyword Analysis & Other Tricks with XOVI

competitor keyword analysis & other tricks with XOVI

Knowing your competitor keywords is one of the good opportunities that you can have to win offer your peers. If you have any difficulties in finding out this information manually, you can try using XOVI, an SEO and social monitoring software, presents a few quick and easy tricks which anyone can carry out using their popular all-in-one marketing suite to help you acquire the right keywords. Here are 3 main benefits that you can have from XOVI.

Competitor Keyword Analysis

One of the important elements in SEO service is keywords. A bunch of keywords may important but how do you know which ones matter most? One of the easiest ways to find out which keywords to target for your website is by taking inspiration from your competitors. By using this software, you can easily enter your own domain and a competitor domain in XOVI’s domain comparison tool to view the keywords for which each domain ranks in the top 100 in,,, etc.

To view only those keywords for which your competitor ranks, you can turn off the results for your own domain, but for which you do not at all (as seen in the screenshot below).



Broken Links

Another important part when it comes to good SEO is links. It’s not about its quantity only, but it also about the increment of its quality. Backlinks need to be thematically relevant and the thing you certainly want to avoid with is broken links as broken internal links such as 404 errors really can frustrate your visitors and Google. Run an on page analysis in XOVI and head to Anchor texts > All internal links. Filter for any URLs with a 404 error and react accordingly. In fact, having any broken backlinks from external pages are worthless. A powerful link tool from XOVI will tell you how many backlinks a domain has, and also when a target URL no longer exists.

Head to Links>Broken Pages to see a list of backlink’s URLs which are no longer exist. The solution: use a 301 redirect to redirect the link to another URL containing the right content. This way, both users and search engines land in the right place.



Text Optimization

To complete your SEO service, creating content is one of the ways to achieve that. Therefore, optimizing your content is a must. In order to enhance your content quality, you can ask these questions, why should Google rank your page higher than those above you? Does your site really contain higher quality content? What do you offer that others do not?

Moreover, you can measure the thematic relevance and quality of a page’s content using XOVI’s built in text optimizer. Identify an important keyword, then head over to onpage>text optimization and start an analysis.

After it’s done, load your URL’s content using the button as shown, find out how your new text will influence your content’s value, ideally ranking between the average and max value for the top keywords listed. This is a perfect kind of content that Google will love, simple and optimized content.

Xovi 3

That is how simple you make it. Besides, by using this software, you can save your money and time. In fact, you can have a free trial and run a simple analysis here.