Budget-Saving SEO Ideas for Your Business

Budget Saving SEO Ideas for Your Business

Most business owners who have been in the business world for a long time are already familiar with the importance of having a website and using SEO services for their business. Small or big businesses still need SEO, especially now that technology has always been developed, almost everything is digital. That being said, sometimes starting a small business may be tough for some small business owners. One of the common and obvious reasons why that is hard is that of course, the difficulty in budgeting. The cost for promoting a business itself may take up some time and a lot of money, coupled with the cost of tax. For that reason, we wrote this article to give you simple SEO tips and ideas on how to cut corners to save your small business budgets. Below are the tips you can do for budget saving SEO campaign (some are even free!).

Use Social Media

Using social media as a tool for promoting your business and interacting with your customers or potential customers is the right step to take and definitely free! You don’t need to be on every platform, adjust your business type and needs to the suitable social media platforms. Choose carefully, the right business should be on the right social media platforms. For example, if you own fashion clothing line, the most suitable social media platform would be Instagram. Make sure you keep up to date with the trends and keep engaging well with customers. If you have followers above 10.000, you should have some of your workers to manage your social media business profile, so that if there are many inquiries, you can answer all of them without problems. Staying in touch with your followers is also important; therefore, make sure it is not only one or two persons managing the social media, as it would be too much to handle.

Get listed in online directories

If you are a local business, then it is important for your business detailed information to get listed across numerous online directories and local search portals. This way, people can find your business online. There are local listings that you can claim, such as Google listing, Yahoo, Bing as well as Yelp. There are also online directories that offer you free listing services, and even though they offer paid listing services, the price is more affordable!

Blog writing for SEO

Another free but effective SEO process is through blog writing. Basically, you write relevant articles with your business to be posted on, let’s say, Blogspot and WordPress and stuff one keyword for the services or products you offer in each article, but don’t stuff so many keywords in one article. Make sure you write relevant articles and use relevant tags too. If you write high quality and relevant articles, it will improve the chance for your business to be more recognised and boost your business online visibility, which can result in enhancing your brand awareness.

Do some “make overs” on your website

Yes, websites also need make overs. It is not only in the form of web design, but also your content. Make sure your website’s content is relevant and written in high quality. Also, make it mobile-friendly, so that your visitors can access your website on the go easily. You can also place a keyword on your content, but over-optimise your keywords by inserting multiple keywords at once. Just one or two is enough.

Keep informed and updated with online reviews

When you own a business, it is important for you to monitor how your business is doing based on customers’ online reviews. Online reviews can help you increase your brand awareness, but watch out for negative reviews! The increase in brand awareness can mean two things: your business is popular for its credibility and your business has a bad reputation. Of course you’d want the former, right? Therefore, in order to tackle this problem, you can start responding to every review on your business profile. Even if you have some negative reviews, responding well and accepting changes for the better will earn your business some positive vibes. The key point in handling negative reviews is that you respond well on every complaints delivered to you.

That’s how you can still do SEO for your business on a budget! Before you hire an SEO company when your business is well-balanced, make sure you do these tips. Therefore, you are already on the right path when it is time to really hire an SEO company. If you are still looking for an SEO company to do SEO services for your website, you can contact us for more information.