7 Sins of Social Media for Business

Sins of Social Media for Business-01

Currently, social media has been a great transportation for any business that wants to drive their revenues by doing promotion online. In fact, most marketers, such as SEM professionals, and SEO engineers think that they know how to make it right, however, not every of them can do it flawlessly, instead, there are many online marketers which tend to repeat the same mistake again and again. This, of course will reduce the result of your social media promotion. To prevent it, you better read some of the mistakes to optimize your promotions.


Acting ignorance on social media such as not catering your posts to a wide variety of people, for instance by not following any important issues, such as Hollywood politics, religion and any controversial topics will not good for your online marketing strategies. Oppositely, it’s important to maintain your business and branding through social media with fresh and informative news.

Quantity over Quality

Today, there is service that offers you thousands of followers for your social media and so many people have been trapped in the statement that followers equal customers. In fact, if you are working on doing branding, that kind of service is not necessary. The amount of your followers is not important, so your goal is to win over people who would actually care about your brand.


There are so many mistakes that people misuse to social media, such as posting inappropriate links, images or language. Do personal thoughts posting is also a big no, even though there are some social media which is used to share personal thought, but if you do business, personal thought is still unacceptable.

As social media is where people share their opinions, so when they share their bad opinions about your company, do not misuse this situation, instead of giving bad or rude response, sincerely admit the scarcity and treat them back with satisfaction.


Posting contents too often will disturb your audience. This is why prioritizing the quality of your content above your quantity is important as posting too frequently reduces the effect of each post and more likely encourage engagement. In fact, this engagement will not only drive traffic to your company, but also to your website, which adds your business income and opportunities.

Not Enough Engagement

As information flows swiftly today, users are constantly bombarded with content, so it is your job to keep them engaged. To make them truly engaging with your content, do a post regularly and target them via newsletter, app, and Facebook. Furthermore, if you need to talk about something they care and interesting about to get the potential of social media marketing.


Do not spread negative information or news as there is no place for negativity on social media. Besides you want consumers to have positive associations toward your business. Moreover, talking unimportant issues will make your business looks undervalue.

Spammy Spam

Do not give unsolicited emails to your potential buyers continuously as that will affect nothing unless annoy and drive users away. There are other resources out there that can help you with many programs to avoid spam.