5 ways that Apple Do to Please Developers


Many people may wonder why Apple can be so appealing; even though Android has mastered the market, but it seems that Apple can always find a unique place in its customers’ heart. This is maybe because Apple is very smart on seeing what people want, especially what developer wants in a gadget. Moreover, through continuously enhancing its products and features, Apple is almost never fail in providing better ways for developers or web developers to build their software conveniently in Apple. Below article will provide you with information of things that Apple does to please developers.

Swift has Better Error Handling in New Version

According to Stack Overflow’s most recent developer survey, Swift is quite popular among developers today after Objective C, furthermore to convince developers to start using swift, Apple introduced version 2.0 to maximize the work of Swift. This new version improve better performance, such as, a new error handling model, and the ability to more easily target older versions of iOS. In order to, improve its consistency, Apple also makes changes to the syntax.

Swift will be open-source and ported to other OSes

Apple seems want to increase swift’s popularity as it doesn’t only include language improvements. In fact, Apple also plans to make Swift source code available under an open source license later this year. Swift and standard library will be included as the source code. Furthermore, Apple promised that they encourage for any community contributions. At launch, Apple intends to contribute ports for OS X, iOS, and Linux. Moreover, Apple also attempts to the availability of its new streaming service Apple music on Android.

Upgraded Xcode

Beside Swift, Apple also made a beta of the Xcode 7 developer platform available for download. The Xcode 7 developer platform includes Apple’s IDE (integrated development environment), a swift 2 compiler, and the latest SDKs for OS X, iOS, and watchOS. Developers can use a feature that helps to convert to Swift 1.2 code to the new version. Apple also provides other improvements includes energy usage tracking on a per-process basis, user interface recording and a streamlined mechanism for testing on physical devices, even though the development of Objective-C developers are still continued to be developed.

Now Developers can Build Native Apps for Apple Watch

The biggest improvement is the ability to build apps that run natively on the smartwatch, instead of having to rely on an iPhone. Moreover, developers will also be able to integrate key hardware features like the Digital Crown, heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and microphone in their apps using an upgraded version of the Watchkit framework. The new framework for clock kit will let users post information on the clock face. The iOS 9 SDK beta including WatchKit for watchOS2 is available for download from Apple’s developer website.

Renovated Tools for Fitness and Home Automation Apps

There are many upgraded versions of Apple’s other frameworks. One of them is a new HomeKit profiles for motorized windows and shades, motion sensors, and home security systems. Its data point is able for storing information on reproductive health, UV exposure, and water intake. Features, such as, Gameplaykit and Replaykit can be very useful to make better games and add video recording features.