3 Ways To Triple Your Traffic Through Live-Blog At Conferences

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If you do something that is obviously too promotional, people will easily write you off from the conversation in social media. The key here is relevancy. Therefore, you need to add value to the conversation, so you can place your message in front of a new audience and increase traffic to your website. This article is necessary, especially if you work in SEO service or web development.

Here are several ways that you can use to sponsor on an event hashtag and drive traffic to your blog through real-time conference. Here are some of the ways to take benefits from real-time conference

Write a Session Summary

Make sure that you jot down important messages during the conference. This will make people who miss the conference feel helped by your information. Besides, this will make the speakers feel happy too, as you help to expand their messages through social media.

Write an Overall Conference Recap

Another advantage that you can take from conference is by sharing its full material. Besides, you can also add opinions on the best presenters, talk about what influencers are forecasting for the industry to make it more attractive and informative. In fact, you can also provide your suggestion for people who may want to attend for such conference in the future.

The best tip for this technique is by taking thorough notes each day, for example, day one recap, day two recap, etc. The essential point is to deliver fresh information, so no need for waiting too long to publish your recap as people are likely still checking into the hashtag the day after the conference.

Write a Curated Content List

To lighten your editorial planning load you need to create a curated content. Through real time conference information you can even make a better one. If you quite confuse about how to start it, you can write a list of the” most notable one liners from presenters” or “best tweets of the day”. Furthermore, do not create it because of the sake of creating a list only. Make sure that your quotes should be also useful to the readers such as giving suggestions of how they could be used.