3 SEO Mistakes Amateur Bloggers should Avoid

Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Should Avoid

Love it or hate it, SEO optimization is about Google’s rules, this statement should be clearly accepted by all SEO Services, especially for amateurs SEO bloggers. You can write whatever you like, but in the end Google will decide whether your content is appropriate enough to be displayed on its first page or not. So, instead of searching for the next topics for your article, I suggest you to discover several mistakes that amateurs bloggers frequently make to avoid you from the same pitfall that cause only few bloggers are succesful.

1. Writing Self-Centered Content

Seeing from other perspective is what is needed in SEO, especially in creating SEO content. Some amateur bloggers may think that whatever issues they find interesting will also appeal to their readers.  Well, instead of put beliefs and feelings into your writing, amateurs bloggers should change their opinion since a blog should be a place for engaging with other individuals on topics that are of interest to a wide variety of people, unless you are well-known enough, you aren’t given much freedom for it. In fact, from seo prespective, self-centered content is useless, since nobody is interested in reading your articles, so nobody will search for it. Therefore, to avoid creating self-centered content, your content should consist of these three things; good conversation, entertain, and inform.

  1. Underestimate Keyword Research

In SEO, creating blog is not for the shake of creating content only, because your main goal is to gather lots of traffic through creating engaging content. So, how do you find topics that appeal to masses? The only way to figure it out is through performing a keyword research. Today, you can use Google adword’s keyword Planner to help you discover the best keyword in your geographical area, industry or network are searching for. Pay attention only on keywords that fall between 100 and 1000 monthly searches, this ensures you to obtain keywords that interesting to the masses but aren’t too competitive to rank well for.

Moreover, bear in mind that you should use at least one keywords in your title, for example, if your keywords is “investment strategies” your title should be “Top 5 investment strategies”.

  1. Not Having a Social Sharing Strategy

Again, because your goal is to gain lots of traffic through your content, then sharing it is the fastest way to gain more readers and social media sharing are the best strategy to do it. The most basic rules in sharing your content is by having catchy title, attractive images, and convenient social sharing buttons, so the goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to share it. Besides, the right time for posting your article also plays an important role in deciding your success. Therefore, pay attention in what time people usually read articles will be useful. Generally, posts are more likely to be read and shared in the morning, at lunchtime, and in the early evening.