3 Hottest eCommerce Design Trends to Embrace in 2016

9 eCommerce design trends toembrace in 2016

Since digital world is a fast changing world, it becomes difficult to predict the future. If you are a web designer who is currently working for eCommerce, you better catch up with this hottest design trends that are going to dominate 2016, so that you can stay up to date with the current trends.
1.) Rich Animations
If you are looking for something that can engage with and connect to users better, animation is the answer. In fact, this can be a good solution for making your designs more playable and enjoyable, especially for online shopping experiences. Moreover, animations which are used in the right time will make your customers feel that you really care about their interactions with your site.
Therefore, in order to leave a memorable impact on their customers many eCommerce websites creatively using animation, like button spins, icon rotation and loading bars.
2.) StoryTelling
Who doesn’t love story? Anyone loves it right. Therefore, using story to sell your brand will make your selling stands out from the crowd. But, be careful with your story, a salable story is the one who can establish an emotional connection between your brand and your customers but also increases loyalty and sales. Nowadays, there are many businesses which practice storytelling as their business strategies, two of the most successful ones that you can follow their footsteps are Bonobos and Greats.
3.) Dynamic Search
Another most recent and prominent design trend that caught a lot of attention is Dynamic Search. In fact, many eCommerce sites will be using JavaScript and Ajax-powered search to display products dynamically in 2016. Besides, when you have a very large inventory, this method is a very suitable to be used. You can take a look on JadoPado as the most compelling example of the eCommerce sites using this amazing feature.