3 Characteristics of an Effective “About Us” Page

How to make an Effective “About Us” Page

If you happen to think that supporting pages, such as unsubscribe pages, thank you pages, contact us pages, is not as important as your main article, you might be wrong, as all of those pages can offer you a good opportunity if you know what to do with them.

This also works the same with About Us pages, they may seem pretty easy and pretty self-explanatory, but there are plenty of ways to get clever and create something that is not only informative but also effective in engaging readers. Therefore, you need to know some of the ways to cultivate them, especially if you work for SEO service which all you want is to convert visitors to buyers.

Here are some of the good characteristics of About Us page:

Images and Graphics Matter

One of the ways to make your “about us” page looks fascinating is by giving it image as it actually would be good for your blog post article, product page, etc, and it surely will grab your reader’s attention. In fact, it is a smart way to be eye-catching, and keep them staying relevant and engaging. The main idea is to present your characteristics while showing an interesting page for people to keep browsing.

Besides, you can also apply infographics or gifs, but bear in mind not to overwhelming your visitors with too many images or graphics too as it will make your page looks too crowded. Moreover, videos work the same way.

Tell Your Company’s Story

“About us” page will likely tell what your company has to offer. Giving information can help people understand your brand and make visitors become familiar with you. Telling the story of how your company has been developed can attract readers to keep on reading the whole page. For a suggestion, you better create subheadings, such as, the story of the early years of company” and “what we’re all about today” this will make your readers feel easier to read your article and avoid them from getting lost in a sea of text.

The Takeaway

A perfect “About Us” page should know what kind of audience that you will deal with. For example, if your audience is more analytical, then a clever page may be your choice, and if your audience is more creative, then put fancy videos and images in your “about us” page can attract your audience better.