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A Simple Guide for Designing Better Buttons


In website development, the role of buttons is important in determining the next actions. Moreover, having a good button design will automatically improve your user experience. If you’d like to take a look on how to create better buttons, you can follow several steps below:

Make Buttons Look Like Buttons

With visual cues, people can determine the click-ability, then understand that an element is a button. Due to this, it is important to use proper visual signifiers on clickable elements to make them look like buttons.

  • Shape
    For a long time ago, square or square with rounded corners is the most popular button’s design. Due to this, users are very familiar with this button shape. Even though, in some cases, the button shape can be circles, triangles, and etc., depending on the style of the site or app. However, using unique ideas to replace the traditional shapes will be a bit riskier. The main point is to make sure that people can easily identify each varying shape as a button.

But what elements can help you identify icons as buttons? There are two elements that can        give clear and distinct labels to icons as buttons. First, be consistent about the shapes to              provide a more familiar experience for users. The picture below demonstrates this point              perfectly.

  • Shadows and Highlights
    Shadows will help you a lot in making the element stand out against the background. Moreover, with shadows and highlights, you can easily identify an element as a tap-able or clickable. Since the effect makes the elements look like as if they can be pressed down.

Make It Easy for Users to Interact with Buttons

The next step is to make sure that your users have a good experience when they press the buttons. This includes size and visual feedback of buttons.

  • Size and Padding
    A good button should have bigger size than a person’s tap size. This will ensure the buttons you design are large enough for people to interact with. To choose a proper size for your buttons, you can rely on the MIT Touch Lab study. This study reveals that the average size of finger pads is between 10-14mm and fingertips are 8-10mm, making 10mmx10mm a good minimum touch target size.
  • Put Buttons Where Users can Find Them
    Locate your button in an easy to find area. Don’t make your users hunt for buttons.
  • Location and Order
    When it comes to web-based apps, you should determine about which placement truly works best for users. The right way to find out is by testing. If you design mobile navigation it’s worth paying attention to the best practices for buttons location.

What Do User Interfaces Want?

What Do user interfaces want

User Interfaces have become an important thing that every web designers concern about when they have to deal with their job. So, what is user interfaces actually? What it wants? Before explaining what user interfaces wants, we better understand what technology wants. Since technology is necessary to our future success and goals, therefore our interaction with technology becomes important.

In fact, technology is created with greater opportunities to widen our physical and mental capabilities. To allow us communicate with all technologies, people create something that can bridge the communication gap between what we want and what technology wants. Therefore, interfaces design is chosen as the most important type of technology since user interface is like a language. It enables the communication of ideas and information; in this case the communication is between people and technology.

One might say user interfaces are another form of language. This kind of language is recently developed and sufficiently enough to allow us to start effectively communicating with it. User interfaces do what languages do. They extend our ability to generate and communicate information, which finally gives birth to new ideas.  User interfaces are already succeeding in increasing opportunities by empowering people to interact with technologies that might otherwise be too difficult to use.

As we figure out how to interact with technology, we stand at the cusp of another potential advancement in civilization – just as the emergence of spoken language caused the rapid growth of information and ideas over 500 centuries ago, user interfaces have quickly accelerated the exchange of information and ideas between people and technology. Like spoken language, user interfaces are a technology, but also a meta-technology that allows us to generate new technologies.

At the core of user-centered design is the implicit assumption that people have wants. We want to accomplish a task. We want to do it safely. We want feedback and control. We want an enjoyable experience. The user interface should be designed to best serve those wants.

3 Less Known Factors That Could Affect Your Website UX

5 less known factors that could affect your website UX

There are many definitions of UX (user experience) given by various experts, but we can simply define it as overall experience felt by users to company’s product or services. In line with the growing of websites’ industries is laying much stress on creating best user experience for the users. In fact, UX is an important factor that is responsible for overall website success or in other words, it can be said that UX may be defined as how a person feels after using a product or service. Due to this, you can also considering UX on your website as it can bring good benefits to your website, through SEO service or website development.

Here are something needs to be taken care of related to UX which is mostly quite neglected:

  1. Do not Ask for Much Information

Customers hate to fill long forms before they buy a product or service. Therefore, you should put attention to the whole process and taken care of it, so that the audience can visit your site with ease as asking too much information too early will make you lose fifty percent of your customers.

  1. Importance of ONPage work

Your ONPAGE also plays big contribution to the success of your UX. Can you imagine how does your audience feel when they find that they are redirected to another page that is not related to what they search? Therefore, if you should create an ONPAGE, please do it sensibly, so you will get a good effect instead of bad one.

  1. Giving High Security to Users on Your Portal

Another important issue related to UX is about security, for example, if you serve your visitor with payment gateway, please be careful with their sensitive information. As they put their trust in you and no one wants to share their information with anyone else.