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The Easiest Ways to Generate API Documentation


As a developer whether you are a web developer or app developer, you may be familiar enough with API documentation. API documentation is an important part of the product offering affordances to the developer community to help them understand exactly what an API offers and how to use it. Below are several hints that you can use to create API documentation easily:

What API Documentation Should Contain

You can create your own API Documentation as you like, since there are no standards on what API documentation should encompass. The important thing is makes it easy for them to understand an API is a good starting point. However, you can follow the list below from established providers in the API economy:

  • A list of the resources with an explanation of the purpose of each in the context of the product or service being offered via the API;
  • Examples of API calls in a variety of languages and tools (cURL, Postman Collections, etc.);
  • Do something meaningful in the context of the product or service the API offers, guides that detail the workflows implicit in using the API i.e. the sequence of API calls. For example, Dwolla offers several guides on how to send or receive money, with branches into different contexts throughout that explain the different aspects of their product offering;
  • An overview of the design principles adopted by the API provider and what that means for aspects adherence to REST (especially hypermedia), HTTP codes, etc.;
  • Information on authentication, including schemes that may be implemented such as OAuth or OpenID Connect;
  • General information on error handling with information on the HTTP return codes that will be returned;
  • User-specific contexts that help developers get to grips with the subject matter more easily. For example, Stripe automatically tailors their API documentation with your API key and secret (when you are logged in) so any code samples are immediately ready to use;
  • An interactive API explorer that allows the developer to readily bring all this information to life.

Interactive Explorers

It is a common thing to have an Interactive Explorers in API specification formats generated from the specification document itself, creating a means for consumers to both learn about and test API calls at the same time. With the help of interactive explorer in understanding a provider’s API, publishing API will be easier. The options are therefore largely dictated by the choice of API specification format, for example:

  • The OpenAPI Specification (aka Swagger) offers Swagger UI, which allows you to generate an interactive explorer with virtually no coding (depending on the completeness of your Swagger specification);
  • Apiary offers an explorer that is generated from API Blueprint and Swagger specifications. It mixes the features of an interactive explorer with a documentation suite as it renders the Markdown documentation in API Blueprint side-by-side with an interactive tool for making sample API calls;
  • Finally, an open-source explorer is offered for the RAML specification format that implements many of the same features as Swagger UI and Apiary.

By using these tools, we hope you can create an easy-to –use reference point for their developer community. However, static documentation may be required to accompany an interactive explorer, if the subject matter of the API is complex or requires high-level explanation not necessarily associated with a resource.

4 Ways of How Being Sensitive Can Help You Find out New Ideas

4 Ways of How Being Sensitive Can Help You Find out New Ideas

As a blogger or SEO service, providing a good content is the best way for getting many visitors. If find out the ideas for getting it is such a big problem for you, then you can read the article below for being inspired, as small ways such as being sensitive is actually the biggest solution for you.

Be Sensitive to What You Watch

Many of us sometimes miss the opportunity of looking a potential content idea to take the advantage of. For example, Moz article discusses a case study of a travel industry site. In fact, more than 100 editorial links from high publication websites were gained through content marketing efforts.

The main purpose is to figure out something which is related with your business that remains unexplored in a contextual format.

So how to get inspire with a certain topic?


  • Find good piece of attraction in your industry
  • Write a post about it


  • You are in the pet industry
  • List down top 5 meet-up places of dog owners in your area.

Be Sensitive to Seasonal Events

There are several blog posts that will offer you a good idea in time sensitive industries. When the season is approaching people will go crazy about it and to make their participation unique and stand out they will conduct a research about it.

Because of the users first action is to search online, so be sure you have already prepared the information they need in advanced. By doing this, you can promote your content that can earn user engagement.


  • Ask people in your industry of the much awaited event happening yearly.
  • Write a post about it.


  • You are in pet industry
  • There is a parade or show happening in 2016 in your area.
  • 10 participants interviewed for Dog parade in Seattle 2016.

Be Sensitive of what you read

Many people will use reading activity as ideas that they can use for their next blog post. The idea is to educate yourself by reading and come up with unique ideas you can use, such as the SEO tools article written by Brian Dean of Backlinko. You can replicate this idea to your own industry if you are in the social media industry, graphics industry or writing industry, you can replicate this idea to your own industry.


  • Find list-type articles in a neighborhood industry
  • Write content similar to it your industry


  • You write an article about 10 weird behaviors of cats at night
  • You can write about 10 weird behaviors of dogs at night.

Be Sensitive of Recent Trends

Find out today industry trends will definitely be a good source for your topic ideas. People in your industry will be talking about it and searching for it. Moreover, it can be a good chance of driving massive traffic to a website because go viral is next to it.

Keep your piece of content attractive, and avoid it from boredom. In fact, you can make your website become a go to when it comes to recent trends.

Remember to make your blog post outstanding by using insightful information such as asking questions to experts in your industry.

You can do this by:

  • Sending them a personalized emails asking their personal opinion about certain trends
  • Ask the experts on social networks
  • Ask people in your communities

3 Characteristics of an Effective “About Us” Page

How to make an Effective “About Us” Page

If you happen to think that supporting pages, such as unsubscribe pages, thank you pages, contact us pages, is not as important as your main article, you might be wrong, as all of those pages can offer you a good opportunity if you know what to do with them.

This also works the same with About Us pages, they may seem pretty easy and pretty self-explanatory, but there are plenty of ways to get clever and create something that is not only informative but also effective in engaging readers. Therefore, you need to know some of the ways to cultivate them, especially if you work for SEO service which all you want is to convert visitors to buyers.

Here are some of the good characteristics of About Us page:

Images and Graphics Matter

One of the ways to make your “about us” page looks fascinating is by giving it image as it actually would be good for your blog post article, product page, etc, and it surely will grab your reader’s attention. In fact, it is a smart way to be eye-catching, and keep them staying relevant and engaging. The main idea is to present your characteristics while showing an interesting page for people to keep browsing.

Besides, you can also apply infographics or gifs, but bear in mind not to overwhelming your visitors with too many images or graphics too as it will make your page looks too crowded. Moreover, videos work the same way.

Tell Your Company’s Story

“About us” page will likely tell what your company has to offer. Giving information can help people understand your brand and make visitors become familiar with you. Telling the story of how your company has been developed can attract readers to keep on reading the whole page. For a suggestion, you better create subheadings, such as, the story of the early years of company” and “what we’re all about today” this will make your readers feel easier to read your article and avoid them from getting lost in a sea of text.

The Takeaway

A perfect “About Us” page should know what kind of audience that you will deal with. For example, if your audience is more analytical, then a clever page may be your choice, and if your audience is more creative, then put fancy videos and images in your “about us” page can attract your audience better.